Staying on top of everything is a huge challenge for most entrepreneurs today. There’s so much to do – email, running a website, organizing projects, keeping in touch with your customers, and avoiding social media’s distractions. Yes, the internet enables procrastination but there are a lot of tools and services that will help you stay organized and focused that were created by people like you who know how challenging being an entrepreneur is.

Project Management Tools

With so many projects to stay on top of, you’ll need some tools that will help you do just that. Some of the ones you’ll want to check out include:

Trello is a project management tool that entrepreneurs and large businesses are both using today. You’ll have no problem using it since there’s a great blog that will help you do so. With this tool you can do everything – manage your blog’s editorial calendar, make a list of items you need to buy, prioritize tasks, and brainstorm. These things are easy to do thanks to the app’s drag-and-drop functionality.

Asana is a useful tool with an interface that will align well with how your brain is already accustomed to thinking. You can easily use this to work with your team from directly inside your inbox. Here you’ll be able to track projects and hold each other accountable because everything is highly visible. Tony Robbins says that the reason it works so well is because you can see what’s coming up, share your progress with the rest of your team, and work together to prioritize what your next steps will be. This is great because now you’ll have help managing your different responsibilities in all the various areas of your life. In other words, this is also a great time management app that helps you keep track of everything all in one place.

Best Video Conferencing Tools

Once you have all your projects organized you’ll find some that you think you’ll need to travel for. However, this isn’t the case when you have video conferencing tools. These can quickly become your best friend, helping you save time and money – you can even share your screen. According to some of the tools you’ll want to check out here include:

Google Hangouts is great for telecommuters who need to attend staff meetings and online training sessions. You can easily share your screen, so everyone is looking at the same thing too. Add to it Hangouts on Air – an extension that lets you record calls and automatically update them to YouTube. This is great because it lets you go back to the conversation and check what everyone said so nobody has to second guess themselves. It’s also great to have a backup if there’s ever any conflicts or confusion.

Go to Meeting is the most reliable video conferencing technology and one that almost everyone is comfortable using.

Zoom offers high-quality video streams with some great features that let you manage accounts better.

ScreenHero is a simple app that’s designed for screen sharing and collaboration. It even allows the person you’re collaborating with to take over your screen, mouse movements and keyboard which is helpful in the IT field. allows for seamless video conferencing. It has a full suite of features for online conferencing, so you can easily toggle between audio, video and screen-sharing. It’s reliable across time zones since it’s built with professionals in mind.

Lifesize is a video conferencing platform that lets you use any device, without downloading or installing anything, to connect with other people. It’s both quick and easy to use so you can pick up right where you left off without waiting to launch a slow loading platform every time you need to have a quick chat quickly. Sharing is also easy thanks to the cloud-based connection.

MeetingZone provides high-quality web conferencing tool that are also easy to use and inexpensive. Business can use it for meeting from all over the world and can even share with a team.

Collaboration and Communication Tools

With video conferencing under control, it’ll be much easier to collaborate and communicate with other entrepreneurs to get your projects done. B Plans suggests some great tools for this, including:

Boomerang for Gmail is great for anyone who likes to work late at night but worries about looking unprofessional. With this tool you can write and schedule your emails so that they’re sent at a more “appropriate” time. You can even look like you’re an early morning riser when in reality you wrote your email at 2am. Just schedule it to be sent at 7am while you continue sleeping.

Streak is an affordable CRM (customer relationship management) tool that helps you manage your contacts, deals, projects, and messages directly from within your inbox. This saves you the time it would otherwise require for you to log into a separate app to do these things. It’s a great way to organize your messages based on the projects you’re working on (e.g. handling the hiring process, tracking investment and fundraising projects, managing deals). You can also use it to schedule emails to be sent later then it will even tell you when someone has read your email.

Slack is an amazing communication tool for teams. With its smooth design you can easily create and participate in several channels so you have various rooms in which to discuss different topics or host private conversations. Slack lets you to share files. You can also easily find messages, notifications, and files in your archive since everything is automatically synced on all your devices. Entrepreneur also points out the fact that you can easily connect this tool to other apps, like WordPress and UberConference.

With all these great tools and apps at your disposal, you can be a highly productive entrepreneur today in no time at all.