With the pace at which digital marketing is changing, it’s not surprising that most modern marketing departments today have around 10 to 15 percent of their teams in contract roles as a best practice. This gives digital marketing leaders more flexibility to make changes on their team as new opportunities pop up.

What organizations need today to execute against their digital marketing programs is different from what they will need in six months; contract staffing solutions allow them to utilize flexible digital marketing talent options to meet demands without making the long-term commitment to a full time hire or high cost of an external marketing agency.

Benefits of Marketing Staffing Solutions

Modern Marketing Best Practices and the Hidden Benefits of Staffing Solutions

Organizations that are the most nimble and are able to thrive in a time of change have around 10 to 15 percent of the people on their digital marketing team on contract roles.

Is your marketing keeping up or lagging behind the changes in digital? If you find that your team is lacking in performance and the skills needed to surpass your competitors, you may need to re-evaluate your org chart and ask yourself these meaningful questions:

How Flexible Is Your Marketing?

marketing contract recruiters marketing contractors

Most marketing departments have fluctuating workloads and dynamic projects that need to get done, quickly. When you have specific marketing needs but don’t want to commit to a full-time hire; contract staffing solutions give you the ability to adjust your marketing department as you need to.

As organizations utilize marketing contractors, digital marketing is an area where the benefits are even greater. In digital, you have the ability to test new channels, ramp up or down specific programs in real time depending on data and return on investment.

Whether it’s cyclical work, temporary assistance or additional bandwidth to execute a critical project, the most efficient way to bring top digital talent onboard is partnering with a digital staffing agency to help you find exactly who you need to meet your unique business needs and the flexibility to make changes in real time based on market demands. It is much easier to move contractors in and out of your organization as on-demand talent than you can with full-time employees.

Are You Throwing Money Down the Drain?

marketing contract recruiters marketing contractors

From a practicality perspective, how can you justify a full-time employee until you have proven the ROI on the new media opportunities that continually pop up?

Fortunately, contract marketing staffing solutions allow you to expand your workforce as needed without taking on such unnecessary expenses. Adding a full-time hire to your team is a good idea when you’re certain you’ll have a long-term demand for a particular expertise or production level. But if you’re not sure about the long-term value of a full-time position or third-party agency, or just need some extra capacity to execute a temporary project – a digital marketing contractor is the most cost-effective way to test and learn.

Is Your Marketing As Efficient As It Can Be?

marketing contract recruiters marketing contractors

We find most contractors are highly specialized and proficient in their particular discipline. Thus, they can start adding value to your marketing operations quite quickly as you won’t have to spend much time training them or waste time going back and forth with an external agency.

Sometimes, you’ll bring in a contractor who exceeds your expectations so much that you want to add them to your full-time staff. Contract staffing solutions allow you to test the waters – you’re able to find out which hires are digital athletes and able to handle additional things they originally weren’t brought on to do. Contract staffing gives you the unique advantage of being able to try an employee out before you commit to hiring them full-time.

From executive leadership to raw productive power, consultants to creatives and everything in-between, flexible digital marketing talent solutions bring you plenty of benefits that agencies and full-time hires may not be able to provide. Whether it’s mid-career managers or junior-level specialists, you want to have digital marketing talent who’s performing up to speed and getting great work done better and faster across all levels.

Closing Words

Marketing is changing at a rapid rate, and predicting the future is difficult for even the most experienced marketing executives. You may find that you need to supplement your marketing department with specialized expertise, tackle cyclical marketing challenges, or find an affordable way to try something new without the risk of a full-time hire.

Fortunately, a qualified digital marketing contractor can help you execute your marketing program more cost-effectively than having a third-party agency or full-time employee. Partnering with a top contract marketing staffing firm to find top digital talent gives you an effective way to stay ahead of the competition, with flexible talent options to fit your needs and keep you on the cutting edge.