Thinking about improving your marketing plan? Start by reading the following must-read online guides:

1. Content Marketing

Want to read a definitive blueprint for creating a killer content marketing plan? Or perhaps you are more interested in finding out how to use storytelling as a strategy to build trendy content. Whatever it is that you need to perfect in your content marketing plan, this Content Factory guide has an answer for you. This is the only guide you need to read before launching a content marketing plan or updating one. The guide is complete with highly detailed and informative articles on each crucial subtopic related to content marketing. There is a lot of reading involved, so you may want to set aside a handful of hours to get through it all.

2. SEO

Sick of all those click-bait SEO articles that repeat the same information over and over? Then refer to this advanced SEO guide from Quick Sprout. Quick Sprout is possibly the most popular SEO marketing blog on the web right now. It was launched by Neil Patel, a prodigious SEO marketer who has been in the business since he was 15. The guide is short but is packed with highly useful information. It touches on all the important information you need to know before proceeding with an SEO plan. It’s not as detailed as the Content Factory guide mentioned above, but it is an excellent start to hone your existing SEO plan.

3. Social Media

When you want to begin with a social media marketing plan, you need to first know the 24 rules in social media marketing. This is a basic guideline for developing a Facebook or Instagram marketing strategy containing all the foundational information you need to know. The guide is easy to read and provides ample examples. Some data graphs will help you visualize important facts. Social media marketing can be a convoluted space. That’s why a guide like this is a must read before you even begin. Even if you are well into social media marketing, this guide will most likely have several things that you haven’t learned yet.

4. Blogger Outreach

How exactly can a blogger conduct an outreach plan without it ending up being spam? Nowadays, it’s getting increasingly difficult to get consumers to give up their emails. This blogger outreach guide will help you develop a sensible strategy that will not result in losing your loyal costumers’ trust. The guide is written in a very simple language with fun examples and connotations. Sometimes it’s very tiring to read long articles, but not this one. You will come out with a strong understanding of blogger outreach after reading the linked guide.

5. Analytics

Data analytics is a tough subject to understand and implement a plan. There are a lot of big words and concepts involved, like macro goals and data optimization. If you are utterly confused about data analysis and how it can help you improve your site, then refer to this Kissmetrics guide. It’s written in a simple manner so even laypeople can understand. Concepts are illustrated with graphics and examples to help you apply the ideas to your website. This is a must-read, introductory article for website data crunching.

Once you have read all of the articles mentioned above, you will be well prepared to perfect your marketing plan and face the competition head on.