RobotEra is a new, innovative crypto project that is building an immersive metaverse world. Within the RobotEra metaverse, not only will users will be able to own virtual real estate, but create and play games and experiences without requiring any coding knowledge.

In this guide, we explain how to buy RobotEra crypto tokens at a discounted price via the ongoing presale campaign.

Key Points on RobotEra

Here’s a quick overview of the RobotEra crypto project:

  • RobotEra is a newly launched blockchain-based project that is building a proprietary metaverse world that will operate on the Ethereum network.
  • As the name implies, RobotEra centers on a futuristic robot theme. Within the RobotEra metaverse, users will be able to buy and own virtual real estate.
  • Users can also create their own games and experiences within the RobotEra metaverse and the ecosystem is backed by the TARO token, which follows the ERC-20 standard.
  • RobotEra is currently offering its TARO token via a presale campaign – where early investors will secure the best price possible.

How to Buy RobotEra Crypto Tutorial

As noted above, RobotEra crypto tokens are now available to buy via a presale launch. The RobotEra presale utilizes a staggered pricing structure, which means that after each batch of TARO tokens is sold, the price increases.

As a result, those investing in the RobotEra presale will get the most favorable price – prior to the token being launched on crypto exchanges.

In this section, we offer a comprehensive step-by-step guide on how to buy TARO crypto via the presale campaign.

Step 1 –Get a MetaMask Wallet

The first to take before heading over to the RobotEra presale website is to get a crypto wallet that supports the Ethereum network. The reason for this is that in order to invest in the RobotEra presale, payment must be made in either ETH or USDT tokens.

The best crypto wallet for this purpose is MetaMask. This popular wallet is user-friendly, free to download and maintain, and highly secure.

Moreover, users can download MetaMask via a web browser extension for Chrome, Firefox, and Edge – in addition to a mobile app for iOS and Android.

Beginners typically opt for the MetaMask browser extension, not least because this enables investors to access crypto presales like RobotEra on a laptop device.

The next step is to set up the MetaMask wallet. This is a simple requirement that requires the user to enter a password. On the next screen, MetaMask will display a ‘backup passphrase’ – which is a string of 12 words.

Be sure to write this down and never share the passphrase with anyone – this offers access to the wallet in the event the password is forgotten or the laptop/mobile device is lost or stolen.

Step 2 – Buy ETH or USDT

We mentioned above that the RobotEra crypto presale supports ETH and USDT tokens as a means of payment. As such, the next step is to ensure that either of these cryptocurrencies are transferred over to MetaMask.

Don’t have any ETH or USDT right now? There are hundreds of online exchanges that support both of these cryptocurrencies, albeit, Binance is perhaps the most convenient.

From start to finish, it takes just five minutes to buy ETH or USDT with a debit/credit card – which includes the KYC (Know Your Customer) process.

Note that a small amount of ETH will be needed in the wallet to cover Ethereum gas (transaction) fees.

Step 3 – Transfer ETH or USDT to MetaMask

This step requires the investor to transfer the ETH or USDT tokens to MetaMask.

  • First, open MetaMask and copy the ERC-20 wallet address from the main dashboard.
  • This is displayed underneath the ‘Account 1’ tab, towards the top of the MetaMask interface.
  • Then go to the crypto exchange that currently holds the ETH or USDT tokens.
  • Elect to make a withdrawal and when prompted – paste in the MetaMask wallet address that has just been copied.

After confirming the withdrawals, exchanges like Binance will often process the transfer in under 10 minutes.

Step 4 – Connect MetaMask to RobotEra Dashboard 

At this stage, the MetaMask wallet should now have ETH or USDT tokens. Now head over to the RobotEra website and click on the ‘Connect Wallet. This must be done from the same device that has MetaMask installed.

RobotEra presale

When electing to connect the wallet to RobotEra, a MetaMask notification will appear. This is s security procedure that asks the MetaMask wallet owner for confirmation that they wish to connect to RobotEra.

Step 5 – Invest in RobotEra Crypto Presale  

After connecting MetaMask to RobotEra, the final step is to finalize an order. First, choose ETH or USDT as the payment currency. Next, type in the number of TARO tokens to buy.

Do note that the minimum presale investment is 1,000 TARO tokens. Based on the stage 1 price of $0.020 per token, this amounts to a minimum investment of $20.

However, also bear in mind that the presale investment will also attract Ethereum network fees, or gas – this can be anywhere from a couple of dollars to $20 or more and will depend on how busy the Ethereum network is at the time of the investment.

robotera 725k

Finally, confirm the presale investment via MetaMask, which will once again ask for authorization. In doing so, the ETH or USDT will be transferred to RobotEra and the presale investment is locked in.

The TARO tokens can then be claimed after the presale has concluded. This will simply require the investor to connect their MetaMask to the presale dashboard and the TARO tokens will be transferred over to the wallet.

They will be stored on the RobotEra website until it’s time to claim.

What is RobotEra Crypto?

In a nutshell, RobotEra is creating an innovative metaverse world that is themed on futuristic robots. Each user will be represented by a virtual robot which can be personalized to the individual. Within the RobotEra metaverse, the possibilities are virtually endless.

For example, users will be able to buy virtual plots of land. It is then possible to build real estate on the purchased land – which is 100% owned by the user. Ownership of land and real estate within the RobotEra metaverse is secured and verified by a unique NFT.

Additionally, users can acquire resources from their metaverse land and even create companions – which also come in the form of virtual robots. The RobotEra metaverse will operate its own unique world that will contain everything from concerts, museums, and nightclubs to casinos and salons.

RobotEra metaverse

Once again, the possibilities are endless. Crucially, players can build their own virtual of the metaverse not only through virtual property, but games and immersive experiences. And most importantly, this can be achieved without needing to have an ounce of coding knowledge. On the contrary, RobotEra enables users to be creative in a user-friendly manner.

Another interesting feature of the RobotEra ecosystem is that there is no centralized authority that governs its metaverse. Instead, this role is reserved for the decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that all token holders will have a stake in. This ensures that RobotEra remains decentralized in the truest form.

What do you need to know before attempting to buy TARO in 2023?

Presale Started Q4 2022
Purchase Methods  USDT / ETH
Chain Ethereum
Min Investment 1,000 TARO
Max Investment N/A

RobotEra Crypto Token (TARO)

Sitting at the heart of the RobotEra ecosystem and metaverse world is the TARO token, which operates on the ERC-20 standard. Each and every transaction that takes place within the RobotEra metaverse will be facilitated in TARO.

As a result, TARO has metaverse-world utility. This includes buying and selling virtual real estate, trading NFTs, hosting events, land management, and more.

Moreover, those wishing to invest in the future growth of the RobotEra project can do so by purchasing TARO tokens via the presale campaign.

Why Buy RobotEra Crypto?

As noted above, the best way to gain exposure to the success of RobotEra is by investing in TARO tokens.

In this section, we explain some of the core reasons why investors might consider accessing the RobotEra presale today.

Presale Discounts

First and foremost, it is important to note that even in the midst of a crypto winter, many presales in 2022 have gone on to generate significant gains. In fact, the likes of Lucky Block and Tamadoge, for example, witnessed post-presale growth of 60x and 20x in a very short period of time.

As a result, those that invest in the RobotEra presale will have the opportunity to target notable returns even though the broader markets are bearish. Furthermore, and perhaps most importantly, TARO tokens are available to buy via the presale campaign at the best price possible.

  • In all likelihood, when TARO is listed on a crypto exchange for the very first time – it will do so at a price higher than the presale.
  • Not only that, but the RobotEra is pricing its presale in stages.
  • For example, stage one prices TARO at $0.02 per token.
  • However, stage two will increases the price to $0.025 per TARO.
  • In essence, this means that those investing in stage one will have already secured a 25% upside and 60% by the final stage.

Ultimately, TARO tokens could represent one of the best cryptocurrency to buy in the crash.

Let’s take a look at the full RobotEra presale:

Presale Stage Quantity of Tokens Price of TARO Stage Hardcap
1st Stage 90,000,000 $0.020 $1,800,000
2nd Stage 90,000,000 $0.025 $2,250,000
3rd Stage 90,000,000 $0.032 $2,880,000

Metaverse is an Emerging Trend

The metaverse is a relatively new concept that is still in its infancy. This is much like Bitcoin and the blockchain protocol back in 2009.

With that said, some estimates believe that the metaverse in itself could be worth more than $10 trillion by 2030. This sentiment is supported by Meta Platforms (formally Facebook), which is investing many billions of dollars into its metaverse research and development division.

And as such, investing in a metaverse-centric project like RobotEra could be a wise move, considering that presale investors will secure TARO tokens at the best price possible. Furthermore, after the presale has concluded, RobotEra will be a small-cap project. This means that presale investors have plenty of upside to target in both the short and long term.

Own Real Estate in the Metaverse 

One of the main segments of the metaverse from an investment perspective is having the capacity to buy and own virtual real estate. This is one of the core features of the RobotEra ecosystem – which is inclusive for all budgets. Before we get to the specifics, it is important to note just how quickly the metaverse real estate industry is growing.

During the crypto bull of 2021, for example, many metaverse plots of land sold for several million dollars. Not only were sales associated with emerging asset investors, but a full host of celebrities. This highlights that there is a huge marketplace for owning and building virtual property, with ownership backed by blockchain-based NFTs.

RobotEra metaverse

In the case of RobotEra, users will have the capacity to buy their chosen plot of land with TARO tokens. The user can then choose to build their own personalized project on the plot of land, whether that’s a house, villa, casino, stadium, or swimming pool. The possibilities really are endless when it comes to virtual real estate within the RobotEra metaverse.

Not only that, but each plot of land will be backed by an Ethereum NFT, so value will be determined by demand and supply. As such, real estate NFTs can be sold on the open marketplace. Once again, transactions are facilitated in TARO tokens.

Earn Income  

Within the RobotEra ecosystem, there are many ways to earn income via crypto-centric rewards. This includes the aforementioned process of selling real estate NFTs on the open marketplace.

TARO tokens can also earn an attractive APY in a passive manner via crypto staking. It is also possible to host events within the RobotEra metaverse, whereby tickets can be sold in exchange for TARO.

Random events will be held in RobotEra that enable users to mine rewards. Land management fees can also be charged, so this is another passive way to earn income.

RobotEra Crypto Price Prediction

Price predictions on any crypto asset – let alone a project still in its presale phase, can be a complex task. After all, the crypto markets can be both erratic and unpredictable.

With that being said, RobotEra does possess the required characteristics to become the best penny cryptocurrency to buy. Moreover, other metaverse projects in this space have generated unprecedented returns in recent years.

RobotEra review

For example, according to CoinMarketCap, Axie Infinity was initially priced at just $0.18 when it first launched in April 2020. Fast forward to November 2021 and Axie Infinity hit an all-time high of $153.

This represents 19-month returns of nearly 85,000% for those that invested in the project early – many other metaverse crypto coins have generated even higher gains.

Another thing to note is that the RobotEra presale – upon completion, will begin trading on crypto exchanges with a small market capitalization.

As we briefly noted earlier, this ensures that early investors have plenty of upside to target.

How to Buy RobotEra Crypto – Conclusion 

This beginner’s guide has explained how to buy RobotEra crypto via the project’s newly launched presale campaign.

We also have also provided some background information on the project and why its metaverse concept has the potential to become mainstream in the coming years.

Investors can buy TARO tokens right now directly on the RobotEra presale website.

RobotEra - Next Big Metaverse Game

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