Despite a downturn in the cryptocurrency market, Taboo Token’s price is still rising and has grown by about 10% over the past 24 hours, pushing its monthly gains to 361%. The reason for its bullish climb, however, might be linked to growing excitement about the developers’ objectives, which include bringing out the marketplace’s V.3 edition.

Taboo Token is a cutting-edge marketplace that encourages community members to be self-assured, satisfied, and ready to pursue their taboo visions. However, in order to revolutionize the media landscape and achieve this goal, the project prioritizes quality over quantity.

Taboo Token’s designers have created an erotic-themed store for non-fungible tokens (NFT). According to a Medium post about the cryptocurrency initiative, Taboo also offers the highest quality and most exclusive SFW, NSFW, and XXX media from content providers. Taboo Token engages consumers with an NFT marketplace and media platform by utilizing various layer 2 solutions protocols with the lowest costs while providing quick transactions.

Furthermore, the creators hope to expand the ecosystem by hosting events such as house parties where people can socialize and interact with one another. However, investors are acquiring more TABOO tokens, causing its trading volume to skyrocket.

TABOO Token Price

TABOO TOKEN is worth $0.0015 at the moment, with a 24-hour trading volume of $1.8 million. In the last 24 hours, TABOO TOKEN has increased by nearly 14%. TABOO has a market capitalization of $15 million. It is now ranked 690 on the market.

Taboo Tokens Listed on Top Exchanges

Taboo, which is gradually establishing itself as a prominent player in the blockchain industry, has built a solid reputation and community, with over 50,000 devoted followers. Market capitalization demonstrates that it has been successful in doing things correctly thus far.

Taboo is currently in talks with several well-known exchanges and plans to list many more throughout 2023, increasing both the visibility of the project as a whole and the value of the Taboo token.

Furthermore, Taboo intends to lease advertising space on the website and throughout the platform to other projects, ensuring that Taboo makes a sizable profit as the project benefits from increased traffic.

Sluggish Crypto Market

Due to concerns about additional cryptocurrency regulation, as well as this week’s excellent job data and the Fed’s continued hawkishness, the global cryptocurrency market failed to sustain its upward rally and fell dramatically.

Furthermore, Kraken’s decision to discontinue providing liquidity staking services to American customers was viewed as another drag on the cryptocurrency market.

As a result, it was thought that the current state of the cryptocurrency market was one of the main factors preventing further increases in Taboo coin prices.

High Risk/Reward Ratio Alternative Coins Worth Considering

In the event of another bull run, investors may consider purchasing a position in cryptocurrencies with significant upside potential. The following five cryptocurrencies have been identified as some of the best to buy right now based on their fundamental or technical analyses: MEMAG, FGHT, CCHG, TARO, TAMA, and D2T are a few examples.

Web3 Gaming Community United by Meta Masters Guild

Meta Masters Guild (MMG), an impending “Web3 Gaming Guild,” is developing a unique gaming network that aims to connect players of all genres across mobile platforms and build a trans-game economy based on a futuristic metaverse. This will be a truly immersive experience with plenty of community activities based on its dynamic universe, thanks to blockchain technology and decentralized communities.

MMG will initially release Meta Kart Racers, an exciting racing game that can be played on any mobile device and includes both single-player and player vs. player modes. MMG is actively creating some different Web3 games for their Meta Masters Guild platform, many of which have previously been shown on their website.

The MEMAG token presale from MMG has already raised $4 million due to the overwhelming demand from traders, demonstrating significant investor backing and elevating it to the top tier of today’s cryptocurrencies.

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Fight Out Gives Move-to-Earn a New Spin

Fight Out is ready to bring exciting improvements to the fitness app industry with its cutting-edge Web3 app and gym network. Fight Out provides participants with individualized training schedules, a robust support network, and incentives for achievement to help them become fit while having fun.

Devoted users will receive REPS tokens for reaching their fitness objectives using the M2E app, promoting inspiration, and offering a financial incentive for healthy behaviors. Fight Out’s CoinSniper verified team is building cutting-edge gyms with interactive features like “mirrors” that reveal personal profiles and sensors that provide real-time training advice to create this experience.

Fight Out’s presale sale gives you the chance to invest in this exciting project early on with incentives of up to 50% on investments above $50K. FGHT coins have raised more than $4.1 million, making them one of the greatest cryptocurrencies available right now.

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C+Charge, a blockchain-powered peer-to-peer payment network, and incentives program aim to revolutionize the electric vehicle (EV) charging sector. EV owners will have easy search options to find local, dependable charging stations while tracking their sessions securely and earning cryptocurrency in carbon credits as a bonus.

The platform’s innovative methodology provides a quick and easy way to locate and validate charging outlets.

Before prices rise from $0.013 USDT per token to their final price of $0.02350 in later rounds of the presale, invest in C+Charge’s futuristic idea and its sustainable cryptocurrency, CCHG.

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The TARO coin serves as the basis for the RobotEra economy and powers the game. The game allows players to engage in many economic activities, including buying robot NFTs and purchasing property. Players may also receive additional benefits by staking their tokens.

TARO provides a play-to-earn (P2E) gaming economy similar to The Sandbox. However, Robotera provides greater depth and streamlines asset production, allowing for the establishment of a massive economic ecosystem. NFTs allow players to own land and goods like buildings, items, and robots.

RobotEra’s presale has raised an astounding $844K to date, and it will shortly reach stage 2 when its price will increase. The project has a very high probability of a successful launch as the presale approaches the $1 million level, making it one of the top presales in 2023.

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Tamadoge is also one of the finest Web3 cryptocurrency currencies to invest in in 2023. This initiative is not only creating a wave of engaging play-to-earn games with monetizable prizes, but it will also provide access to Tamadoge via the metaverse very soon. The Tamadoge roadmap indicates the project’s intention to add augmented reality (AR) into its play-to-earn goods, which is another innovation that is anticipated to have a significant impact on the future of web3.

The first Tamadoge game has already been released. These games are designed like arcade games. In the game Super Doge, players must stay away from the malevolent SECKnights while also gathering TAMA tokens.

The Tamadoge metaverse is supported by the web3 token TAMA. Each participant in Tamadoge is represented by a different digital pet, which is another incredibly novel component of the game. Each pet is supported by an NFT. Additionally, the player may teach Tamadoge pets to enhance their abilities.

In late 2022, Tamadoge successfully launched its presale, with the web3 project raising more than $19 million. Given the low market capitalization on offer, TAMA is now accessible to purchase from some cryptocurrency exchanges at a beneficial starting price.

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