Video. You’ve watched plenty of it. You know how it can influence behavior. You’ve seen what it can do for those companies blessed with big advertising budgets. But what does it mean for you, the small business owner?

It’s no secret that businesses actively using video in their marketing mix enjoy more sales, more reach, and more visibility than those that don’t. If you still need convincing, a simple online search will reveal thousands of articles, studies and statistics which support this simple fact. I could list a bunch of them right here and now, but that would make for a very long blog post. Expense, while still a factor in some ways, is no longer the monolithic and intimidating barrier it once was. Basic video can be shot, edited and posted online with as little as a mobile phone camera and a free YouTube account.

Although the focus of this post is video, small businesses today would also do well to embrace mobile technology, developing mobile-friendly versions of their web presence and innovative ways to engage with and enable their customers to interact with their products and services anywhere and any time they choose. I won’t kid you, it’s not cheap and certainly not without some pitfalls, but the rewards can be significant and could possibly put you so far ahead of your competition it would take them months or even years to catch up.

Video is also great for offering tips and tricks on how to use your products and services most effectively. Imagine a customer on the verge of deciding whether to order from you or from your competition — similar product, similar price — but, you happen to have 2 or 3 “how to” videos showing unboxing, assembly, optimal placement, usage or device settings… now which company do you think will get the sale? These videos don’t have to be fancy, just helpful. For example, here’s one of our recent video tips we did for our QuantumCards app.

Take stock of your offerings. Look at your products and services as your customers and prospects do. Figure out how to present each one in it’s best light, grab a camera and start shooting!