Last week a colleague and I were discussing content marketing, and he said: “Well, sure, content marketing is important for some businesses, but not mine. I get all my leads via referrals.”

I considered that comment for a few days. And now I think my friend is wrong.

You see, most of my business comes from referrals too, but I still see examples all the time of why it’s essential to include useful content on your website or blog. Try these on for size:

  1. Someone refers you directly. What’s the first thing the person who receives your name will do? Go to your website. What will he find there? Just sales material, or helpful information about your area of expertise? Will he think of you as a trusted advisor after consuming your content?
  2. Someone you don’t even know refers you. This happens to me all the time. I’ll get a phone call or email, and the person will tell me that So And So gave me their name. But I don’t know So And So. The answer: “So And So reads your blog [or listens to your podcast], so she says you know a lot about social media. We need your help.”
  3. Great content solidifies existing relationships. When you hear from a client you worked with two years ago, do you ever wonder why you are still top of mind for her? Your content may have something to do with it. Quite often, an “old” client will call me after receiving my monthly newsletter, which is an important plank in my content marketing platform.


One more thing: Before you say that you don’t need great content on your site, take a look at your stats. Go ahead, I’ll wait. How many of the people who clicked through to your website started the process by Googling your name or your company name? They have heard of you somewhere, and they are checking you out. What will they see when they visit your site or blog?

And of course you also need to know how many people called or emailed you after reading, watching or listening to your terrific content. Be sure to ask people where they heard about you. Your stats can tell you only so much; sometimes you need to just ask the question. The answer may surprise you.

What do you think? Is relevant and engaging content important to your business?

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