It’s hard to get SEO right because search engine algorithms are so complicated, not to mention, forever changing! Fortunately there is one thing you can count on: search engines focus on creating the best possible user experience. If you make this your focus too your SEO will sky-rocket!

So where does Content Marketing come into this?

Content marketing is the latest generation of marketing. It’s the process of making marketing interesting and engaging in order to capture the attention of your ideal audience. And it works! 93% of marketers use content marketing, and it has been proven to generate 3 times more leads than other strategies!

High Quality Content

Content marketing is maturing with time. It’s no longer acceptable to stuff your webpage with keywords. Nowadays, content has to be of the highest quality to feature on the first few pages of search engines. Obviously, what is considered as high-quality content will differ from person to person. Some people may fall in love with a glossy video like this one we made around the time of the World Cup (it managed to clock up over 17000 views — and counting!).

Others may be attracted to a blog or ebook bursting with rich text and topical facts.

To improve SEO, your content should always be relevant to your site and interesting to users. It’s important to point out that content marketing is not about generating direct sales, it’s about raising awareness. The content you create should be shareable and appeal to your current users and potential ones.

If you can build links correctly within your content you’ll have a very powerful tool to improve your SEO. Like with keywords, your links need to be very relevant, and used sparingly.

Getting backlinks to your site is great for improving your SEO, but that doesn’t mean you should link to just about anyone! If you link to dodgy sites, or sites that are filled with low quality content then you will be tarred with the same brush, and your search visibility will be seriously damaged. To make the most of your content marketing you need to link to a variety of high-quality sites. Another factor that can make your links appear weak to a search engine is linking to the same web address several times. Once is enough to get the job done, try to leave it at that.

Internal links are great too! They can improve your SEO, as well as your brand awareness because the user is already viewing your content, and may want to see more. It’s easy to create subtle links that do not distract users away from the content they are viewing. For example, if you want to see photos of the beautiful Wyzowl team you can click the highlighted word. If you don’t want to see, you can carry on reading without interruption. And, if you do click the link then the page will open in a separate tab anyway so that you can still return to the original content. Win-win.

Brand Awareness

Using content marketing will increase your brand awareness, and in turn, it will definitely improve your SEO, because more people will be searching for you, engaging with your site, and sharing your content. This blog has been quite word-heavy, and we congratulate you for researching hard on how to improve your SEO through content marketing! Your reward? The coolest content marketing examples we could find from some awesome brands!

The Microsoft Stories Blog is always fun! Click here to check out this interactive post about their new Xbox One game ‘Project Spark’!

Fashion designer Lauren Conrad created this infographic to get brides excited about their big day, and even more excited about her website.

Lauren Conrad Infographic

Budweiser’s videos never disappoint, and they are always shareable! From the talking frogs, to the annoyingly popular Wazzup!, to their latest ad – this lovely puppy video that we can’t stop watching!

This simple yet emotional video has already reach almost 20 MILLION views on YouTube!

And the thing that links all of this content marketing magic together?


It’s imperative that you are consistent with your content marketing if you want to improve your SEO. Google hates sporadic bursts of content — it makes you look shifty, and like you’re cheating the system. For example, if you have no backlinks to your site for a month, and then you randomly have thousands overnight, Google will make the likely estimation that you have obtained them by unfair means, and your ranking will heavily drop.

Having a consistent plan will also help you to effectively manage your content marketing, and assist you in gaining a base of anticipating users to engage with your content. Different brands have different marketing needs and it’s important to discover yours. Should you post a blog every week, or every month? Or, should you stick to visual content?

Here at Wyzowl, we specialize in content marketing, from engaging infographics, to shareable videos, to blogs like this one! We create tailor-made plans depending on your brand image, your audience, and the message that you want to reflect. We’d love you to check out our examples page and let us know what you think. If you like what you see, give us a call and get 10% off your first months content!