At the end of an unbelievably busy work day, have you ever stopped and wished you’d gotten more work done? Don’t worry; you’re not being an obsessive workaholic. You’re just another content marketer who’s hard-pressed for time.

Content is an over-arching requirement for all marketing campaigns, be it on social media or via email. According to Gerald Baldino’s summary of CMO Council’s State of Marketing report (2014) a quarter of content marketers are now working 10 hours a day. The demand for and significance of content in digital marketing leaves most of us marketers with a want for time. While it may not be possible to add more hours to your day, it sure is possible to simplify work processes to get more done in the little time you have. Here are eight Chrome extensions that could come in handy.

  1. DrumUp

    The DrumUp Chrome extension is a free, handy tool worthy of a spot on the top-right corner of your browser window. The neat little plug-in allows you to discover interesting content even as you surf the Internet. It lets you share content on social media right from the web page you’re on, and also recommends other stories that may interest you. You can also schedule the stories you find interesting through the extension to be shared on social media any time in the future.

    DrumUp Chrome Extension Screeshot


    If you’re an active curator, sharing content from multiple external sources with your audience, you should absolutely install The plug-in offers a great value-add to the content you share in the form of a pop-up on every page you share through the tool. Available for free and also with paid subscriptions, it lets you add a message with a call-to-action and a hyperlink. Think of it as somewhat of banner ad, only much less expensive.

  3. Pocket

    The widespread use of mobile devices has made content consumption patterns more fragmented. Quite often you find an interesting piece of content but are distracted by something before you can read/watch it entirely. It may also happen that you’d like to save some content for future reference. Pocket acts as your depository for such content. The extension functions like a bookmarking tool, letting you save specific pages for later use. It also lets you organize the content you save with the use of tags.

  4. Nimbus

    You must already be aware of the significance of visual content. Not only does it help illustrate the point you’re trying to make, but also helps improve the visual appeal of your content, making it easier to read and digest. Given the illustrative capacity of screenshots, content writers love using screenshots, but getting one in the old-fashioned way of using ‘PrntScr’ is a time-consuming, cumbersome process. Nimbus makes taking screenshots and screenscasts a whole lot easier.

  5. LastPass

    As you and your team start using more and more tools and applications that are gated with passwords, you’ll see that managing all those passwords is a task in itself. And of course, you don’t want to compromise on security by sharing those passwords haphazardly. Plus, resetting passwords each time you’ve shared it externally is a pain. It is to avoid these hassles that you need LastPass, which is currently one of the best password managers on the Web Store. The extension stores all your passwords; allows you to sync them across multiple devices and also lets you store password data locally on a single device.

  6. Riffle

    Engaging with followers on Twitter, and identifying popular tweeters gets whole lot easier with Riffle. It’s a smart Twitter dashboard that helps you establish meaningful relationships with your followers. The extension gives you access to all Twitter data of any user including the number of retweets and followers, the hashtags they use most often, their most popular URLs and mentions, and a lot more.

  7. Giphy

    Nothing catches a person’s attention like a funny GIF. Yet finding and sharingthem hasn’t always been easy. But all that changes with the Giphy extension for Chrome. Giphy is a search engine for GIFs and its Chrome extension makes finding and sharing reaction GIFs easier than ever before. The extension recommends the most trending GIFs on the Internet at any given point in time, while also letting run a custom search.

  8. Rapportive

    Marketers meet new people all the time, and Rapportive is a great tool that helps you connect with these people on social media. The plug-in also pulls out basic profile information from LinkedIn so you know exactly who you’re talking to – a great advantage when you’re connecting with a possible lead, or content partner. It also works as a way to verify email addresses.

    What other extensions would you recommend?