What is that you all want to see on your websites?

Visitors, Traffic, Leads, Sessions, and Conversions, for sure!

And what do you expect from all these above?

Sales and More Sales!

Ok, what about your sales?

I’ve heard that you tried to pitch people for your product who don’t even know you. (Cold Traffic audience)

Try to relate, have you ever made a new purchase from an unknown brand, until you were influenced by it somehow, by a physical or a virtual sales rep? People don’t take risks to buy from someone they haven’t come across; instead, they will be more likely to connect with those who at least tried to make some engagement.

How about enlightening these unaware people about your product?

Masses can be exposed to know you and your business in many advertising forms like blog posts, ebooks, surveys, seminars, etc. to bridge a relationship with such oblivious individuals than annoying them to make a buy.

Apprised people (Warm Traffic audience) who are now well informed about the brand, its features, and offerings, become eligible to be prospects, or even leads with a close possibility to convert into customers in the near future.

Let’s say your marketing efforts became successful and you acquired many clients(or leads) who got impressed and ready to buy your valuable services or products and are rest assured about their deal. (Hot Traffic audience)

They gave their vote of trust and ultimately bought your valuables without asking for their money back (Converted). Now, how to keep them linked further?

Continue to provide them some awesome content (video content or text content) that doesn’t let your hardly created bond to shake or break. Customers desire for some juicy content that educates and connects with a tinge of entertainment. Hook them by showing ads or adding visuals that urges them to make a re-purchase and build long-term relationships with your contended users.

It’s all about building connections, developing them, and continuing them for long, by all the digital marketing means to complete an expected journey of a visitor turning into a customer, instead, a happy customer.

“Heading straight to Sale will never pay off for your Advertising Dollars!”

A website visitor can never be a potential sale when seen at first. To qualify the marketing process, there are many funnels an individual passes and many roles he plays prior to becoming a customer.

In the early stages, when you introduce your business or brand, you have a Visitor (or a viewer/navigator), further, if he ventures into the sales funnel, it becomes a Prospect. If the visitor indulges in digging deeper into the process, he changes his status to a Lead, and on providing consent on the monetary budget and his business needs, he finally gets ready to seal the deal. Once purchased your offered product, he turns into a Customer and is added to the list of potential buyers.

The Real Story

Before getting to know the strategies to convert your cold traffic, let’s take clarity on the ideology, which helps you pitch the right person at the right time. To leverage the power of your lead conversion, you must focus on Familiarity.

Get yourself in front of people and be close to their eyes vision as the more they see you, the more they know you, and ultimately, they are more likely to reach you out for making a purchase.

But how to be visible?

You can outreach the audience with different promotional attempts. Share your valuable content and blogs, advertise your product via best explainer videos, offer free subscriptions or trials of the product/service, run distinct campaigns as per the distinct audience, and build a robust social presence.

“Content, wherever written, must have a brand voice that better describes your intent in a distinguishable way.”

After gaining visibility, what next?

Now pay heed to the phenomenon of Repetition. A workable technique to capture any audience type, as well as new and existing customers, is to pitch, convince, market, and repeat. Here segmenting would help your target specific people and repeatedly market them with new campaigns and offers.

Say, if you have an audience that counts to 3,00,000 people, you must keep working hard on your brand advertising till you make 3,00,000 clients, delivering the same message to the same people, but in innumerable exciting ways.

After getting an indicated idea about the website traffic, let’s take a deeper look at these, one after the other.

The Web Traffic Division

When the talk is about Business Marketing, there are three bifurcated branches to website traffic: Cold, Warm, and Hot.

Each type shows its different traits and offers varied opportunities for conversions.

#1 Cold Traffic

Cold traffic coming on your website constitute individuals who landed up to the site in search of their query and have not even heard or come across you before. Typically, they were not intentionally rooted towards your brand and possess no prior experience to deal with you before their landing.

“Cold Traffic account to merely 2% of your conversion rates when compared to the higher percentile of 60-70% achieved via marketing and remarketing!”

To relate, visitors who visit and navigate your web pages to end up their searching quest will add up to the count of cold web traffic. Such people, if they don’t get the expected response, tend to switch to the new tab within seconds.

Major Traits:

  • Occupy the least probability to make a buy from you
  • Highly non-pliable to the sales attempts

#2 Hot Traffic

Hot traffic of a website is contributed by the masses who consider you as a trustworthy business for collaboration, believe what you say, and expect what is promised to them. They have streamed through your marketing funnel and give their vote of trust in the form of making a sale.

“Hot Traffic Conversion is Much Much Easier and Simpler to Convert as such people are Ready to Spend and Hungry to Buy.”

Notably, they are now converted and are added to the buyer’s list who are happy and satisfied, without keeping negligible chances of reimbursements. And this last part is really important as if the user is not happy after the delivery; he is likely to give the bad feedback, making all your struggling efforts go in vain.

(Remember: This could impact on lead generation and make it more challenging.)

Major Traits:

  • Positioned at the last stage of the marketing funnel
  • Ready to seal the deal
  • Once converted, eligible for upsell
  • Bring further projects
  • Keep high possibilities for additional buys

#3 Warm Traffic

By warm, we can relate something in between cold and hot. Isn’t it. The warm traffic audience shares the analogy with the scientific fact where such people know you from before. They may/may not have visited your site but have a sense of your business’ know-how.

“The Warmer the website’s temperature, the smoother it is to ascend sales funnel.”

They would have read your content, might have followed your business channels, perhaps, would have also subscribed to your newsletter; nevertheless, they are far from indicating the buying interest.

Major Traits:

  • They have begun to like you and trust you, even if just a little
  • Directly close and engaged, but indirectly afar to be a potential lead
  • Not focused much towards purchasing offers
  • A bit easier to convert
[Nota Bene:

“Analyze and Realize! There is a sliding scale of traffic from Cold to Warm to Hot, and realistically every visitor/prospect/lead is somewhere along the line. You just need to warm them up to hike the index of business sales and revenue.”]

Now let’s take a rundown at some of the workable techniques to raise your website temperature from Cold to Warm.

Effective Strategies to Warm Up your Cold Traffic

It’s evident that prior to signing up for a subscription, or any service or feature, people usually raise objections, frown upon its feasibility, and possess many psychological barriers.

Before heading towards any business, they want to know whether it is reliable, can address their queries, solve problems, relate well, and if yes, then it can certainly turn on these skeptical minds and urge them for a call-to-action.

First-time visitors or existing customers both will come down to a parallel line somewhere and will expect what was committed, that incorporates quality. The goal is not merely to sell, but to sell with a purpose to develop and enhance your relationships.

So, How to warm the cold trafficked people and build a long-lasting bond with them?

# Repetitiveness and Familiarity

Repetitiveness and Familiarity would seem a bit irrational, but believe it or not, when implemented practically, works out really well. Let’s relate it with our personal life and see what to reap.

You’re at a party, you meet someone for the first time, exchange handshakes and names and hardly enter into one or two conversations. Correlatively, this was a cold conversation that you made. Next week, at any gathering, you encountered the same person, greet him well, you know each other from the previous meet up, and resultantly, get along with him smoothly, striking a good communication.

If this process is recurrent, you’ll probably call each other’ friends or acquaintances’, and that’s what your advertising campaigns and efforts will try to create. Socializing done online or in-person derives non-notifiable results at first but lets you enjoy the benefits later someday.

“The NLP of Social Networking is unbeatable!”

# Content Types to Offer

“Content is the King!”— We all have been reading this for ages, and we still continue to read this because it actually is. But now the way it is portrayed and the shape and form it takes really matters, which proportionally helps to grab the user’s attention and displays wanted outcomes.

Let’s see it from the eyes of transforming traffic, from cold to warm.

Targeting Cold Traffic Audience:

As these people are casual visitors to your site, so it’s better not to scare them by redirecting to any of the landing pages or sales pages. Offer them the following first:

  • Blog Posts
  • Videos
  • Podcasts
  • Guides
  • Surveys
  • Research papers
  • Power Posts

Honestly, it’s not less than a hard nut to crack when you step out for selling to the cold traffic; it requires maximum efforts to allure them and convince them finally. Lead Magnets act as a good resource that gives value to the visitors, which is paid back to you in the form of acquiring their personal details.

Power posts or data-driven content also works well in order to catch the interest of the site navigators. These are detailed posts supported by facts and statistics that validate your statements.

The gist is to make people learn more and more about your brand to build a relationship, carry it beyond, nurturing it, at last, to make it profitable at both ends.

Targeting Warm Traffic Audience:

These people know you and follow you somewhere or the other, but you have to keep trying to bounce them to the next level. So remind them of their interest in your business offerings.

Such content type could prove beneficial:

  • E-books, whitepapers( as a lead magnet)
  • Webinars
  • Events
  • Trial signups/free tools
  • Product demos

It’s obvious that if any of the followers subscribe/signup for a product or service, he indicates his areas of interest that give clear insights about what problems they desire to overcome.

Here Lynda.com is making a perfect business promotion. The attractive lead magnet ‘Start My Free Month’ will entice its followers as well as first-time visitors to collaborate with them on social grounds.

Warm traffic people are ready to go that extra mile; they are merely controlled by a tempting factor that needs to be targeted well, urging them to proceed with your brand.

# Segmentation of the Traffic Audience

“Segmentation has the potential to transform the cold traffic and transit it to the category of warm.”

One can go for segmentation and automation techniques to better understand the traffic based on some differentials like age, gender, interests, location, etc. this will help you to send the right content to the right person at the right time!

Commit to Memory:

“People on your website are different, carrying different needs.”

Generally, a website channels every visitor through the same funnel to land them up on the same page, providing the same options. By this, they end up offering the same user experience, ignoring the different roles and interests of all of them.

This ignorance can let you lose great dollars and this why you get down with your conversions. To reciprocate this, create user experiences that are more customized and engaging and favors visitor segmentation. It’s a technique to divide the incoming web visitors/navigators into specific categories to provide them a unique user experience.

Segmenting can help you get close to the visitor by understanding their demographic-specific behavior and patterns based on the most liked and clicked posts, and the varied subjects and themes they highly resonate with.

On acquiring insights, monitor this traffic, analyze their wants, and send them relevant data (content) to know them that they are in the right place. This becomes the start point from where you can measure conversions and watch their positive/negative impact.

# Optimize your Web Pages

This is the biggest gadget you have to turn your web traffic into customers. In fact, it is the sole purpose of a landing page.

Here you have to keep in mind that your lead page (as it is also known) tells the user what exactly to do with a clear and visible call to action.

Other recommendations for your landing page to convert:

  • Very clear objective.
  • Call to action.
  • Reference image.
  • Testimonials
  • Contact section
  • Quality Certificates

Workable Tips for Creating a Perfect Web Page:

Remember that the user would arrive at your landing page with a precise objective, so give him what he is looking for, make a relevant page.

Be aware of the message you want to convey. It is an achievement that they have “landed”, do not make them feel that there is nothing good and want to “take off”.

Try to eliminate navigation. Likewise, in shopping centers, it eliminates those elements that distract the user from making the purchase.

Create a good impact at first sight. Set all relevant information on the main screen before the user scrolls or internal navigation clicks. Remember that the user has only between 3 and 5 seconds to determine if what he sees is interesting or not.

Choose a format — either image or video. Generally (short) video retains more user attention because when you click on “play,” all our energy is focused on the video. However, this should be a very well done video, simple, with good colors, short and fast loading. Otherwise, you can rely on images.

Do tests to get the best landing page; it is advisable to try and test until you get the perfect platform and design. Do not forget that there are many factors that influence the development of your landing page: the target audience, your business area, your product or service, resources, text, tone, and, of course, your creativity.

Other Significant Aspects of a Perfect Landing Page

  • Privacy policies: don’t think you don’t need it or that nobody reads it. You should always have clear accounts to keep friends.
  • Certifications: if you use a digital certificate, you must include it on your landing page, either as payment, anti-spam, secure download, etc.
  • Professional design: do not use bars or banners that walk the entire page, try not to include music for automatic playback, do not change the pointer or falling snow effects that disrupt the user’s navigation.
  • The brand logo: it is worth remembering that your brand logo must always be present on your landing page. You must make the user not forget who your brand is.
  • aPop-up windows (Pop-ups): most of the time, they are very uncomfortable, invasive and disrupt the concentration of the user.