Content Marketing Brevity and Images

In a day and age where the internet is more powerful than ever and content marketing is on the rise, there are more ways than one to make your content truly stand out. Before taking that first leap into the world of content marketing, it is first important to understand what content marketing is and what it can do for you and your business. The first step to any successful marketing campaign is to understand the marketing type completely. Content marketing is a fairly new mode of marketing in which content, i.e. media is created and dispensed to help drum up curiosity, educate, enlighten and to ultimately bring in new customers.

Content marketing can mean creating posters, flyers, articles, blogs, web pages, and more to help involve all the senses as opposed to just one or two. Content marketing can truly help to draw attention to a product or business in this day and age for two distinct reasons. The first reason is of course that our society today is incredibly oriented in the visual senses. It is no longer sufficient for a company to create a flier that tells about a product or service, it is far more beneficial to show and tell. The second reason that content marketing is so helpful is that our society today is incredibly over stimulated. Though it would seem that a simple advertisement would be more impactful, it is necessary to compete with the over-stimulation of the society in order to get the proper attention.

Content marketing can be a fresh and new approach to traditional marketing that can help users and marketers alike to keep interest in the ad campaign. Content marketing can draw new attention to old services, can help keep customers involved, and can help to create a truly useful advertisement that is geared toward the internet oriented society in which we live. Taking the time to truly utilize content marketing is the best way to learn and use this new marketing technique.

Keeping It Simple

Though one might think that using something like content marketing would allow for extensive explanation of any product or service, it is far better to use brevity in content marketing. Though writing an article about a new company may offer tons of useful information, it can be incredibly boring for the reader and can help them to quickly lose interest. Keeping it short and sweet is the best way to get the attention of your viewers each and every time. Brevity is also a great way to stand out from the large sea of content that has been created on the internet.

Most advertisers want to pack as much information into their ad space as possible. This means that the more ad space they have, the more words and explanation they are likely to use which can be very difficult to power through. Also, brevity can help to keep the attention of the people reading. Keeping it short and to the point helps to keep readers interested. It is far more likely that someone surfing the internet is going to read a short paragraph as opposed to a several hundred word article. The last reason that brevity is useful is of course that it forces the advertiser to truly consider what they are going to write. This means that advertisers are forced to carefully consider what they are going to say which means that these words have much more impact than the fluff and filler may.

A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words

Another thing that can truly help to make your content marketing stand out is the use of pictures. Pictures can also help to make a content marketing campaign stand out above the rest. Again, many advertisers tend to lean toward word heavy content marketing which can be cluttered and difficult to catch the attention of passing viewers. Pictures can help capture the attention of someone clicking past your content and can help to keep their interest. Also with pictures there is a far bigger chance to truly capture the product, business, or service that is being marketed.

Pictures are worth a thousand words and can often take the place of words all together. By placing one well taken, well conceived, and well thought out picture, a piece of content marketing can draw in many more viewers and potential customers than a simple article or word laden ad may. Our society is very visual and children, adults, and teens have been conditioned to first pay attention to photographs and graphics before text. Even if an advertiser decides to use both words and photos or graphics, it can be very helpful to add a photo to help draw in viewers and compel them to read the rest of the article. Photos can help to make it far easier to draw in those readers that are not really focused on content. This explains why we have seen such a large rise in the creation of infographics in web marketing.

Using both brevity and photos can help make any piece of content stand out from the vast numbers of content pieces that are all over the web. Having content that is tailored to our over stimulated society without being completely vapid and useless is the best way to get a clear piece of content marketing that is going to be useful and helpful. Content marketing can be incredibly valuable and with the right content, anything can be marketed and any message can be effectively communicated. With content marketing there is a huge opportunity for marketers to draw attention to content pieces without relying completely on their product to carry their ad campaigns.

A company that is truly outstanding in keeping messaging simple, effective and creative is Apple. Making products and messaging simple with brevity and images is a lot more difficult than one would think. Steve Jobs and Apple always worked to craft the perfect message and image for their products while always trying to keep it clear, concise and simple to understand.

Brevity Content Marketing Example

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