The internet is filled with talented writers, artists, musicians and other creators who put long hours of work into the content they produce.

For many of these creators, the joy of sharing their work with the world is enough for them to keep doing it.

Many, however, never pursue the possibility of doing what they love full time, because they cannot think of good ways to make money from their creations.

Here are three of the easiest ways for creators of all kinds to make money from their content and turn their passions into full-time jobs.

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1. Host Advertising

If you already have a website for the content you produce, one of the easiest ways to make money from that content is to host advertising on your site.

Of course, your content needs to remain the central focus, but placing ads at the top or sides of your web pages can allow you to earn money through ad clicks or flat-rate ad hosting agreements.

If your content is in written format, you can also place ads in between sections or paragraphs. For those who have never used online ad hosting before, Google’s Adsense program is the quickest and easiest way to get started.

2. Let Your Audience Fund You

If you are an online creator who has built up a significant audience that loves your work, you may be able to make an appreciable income from voluntary donations.

This can be as simple as giving your audience your PayPal address and allowing them to contribute whatever like. There is, however, a better and more reliable way to go about collecting donations from lovers of your work.

Patreon, a website set up specifically to help internet creators monetize their work, allows patrons to set up a donation every month or for every new piece of content you produce.

These donations can be as small as $1, and so are not financially burdensome on your audience. Several online creators have reached thousands of dollars per month in these small Patreon donations from fans who are grateful for the content they produce.


3. Let Fans Hire You

Many creators do not realize how valuable their skills are in the online marketplace.

When you want to monetize your creative projects, allow fans or others who are interested in your work to hire you to produce for them.

Fans will often want to commission you to produce content they would like to see, and your skills may even be valuable to businesses looking to promote themselves with great creative content. Keep your rates reasonable, but be sure that the amount you charge will properly compensate you for the time you will put into the project.

Fans Pay My Rent


Though there are many other ways to monetize your online content, these three are among the simplest and quickest to implement.

For most creators, a combination of different income streams will be needed to create a full-time income. Continue to create and share your work, and over time, you will see your income increase as your audience becomes larger and larger.