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No one in retail underestimates the importance of the shelf-edge ticket. If only from a compliance view, the humble ticket is an important element of the shopping experience. But have you ever considered how much more your tickets could do if given the chance?

Enticing the impulse purchase

SignIQ ticket for Heineken beerAs retailers, your job is to encourage the shopper to spend more money. Good retailers know if they can help their customers make better decisions, they’ll gain the trust and loyalty of the shopper. One good way to improve the consumer experience in your store is to provide signage and ticketing to entice the shopper to linger a little longer. In other words, let your ticket do the selling for you.

An attractive shelf-edge ticket can go a long way towards impulse buying and helping time-stressed shoppers. Consider how an image and a tagline appeal to a certain demographic or mood. While Monday morning might not produce a lot of impulse beer sales, the right ticket on a summer evening could very well increase your register receipts.

Persuasive ticketing

By the same token, tickets can be excellent persuaders. Consumers are more and more comfortable with ‘sound bites’ of information making it easy to suggest a purchase.  It’s your opportunity to have a dialogue with a customer without having to put on more staff or run in-store promotions. A simple suggestion is adequate but a little product information in an attractive package can be even better.

Breville Poster for Harvey Norman

Helping the shopper make decisions

An important insight emerging from the multitude of research being conducted about mobile shopping habits is consumers aren’t looking to make friends with a brand. (Sad, but true.) What theySignIQ ticket for Outdoor - Barbeque with Detailed Product Informationreally want is help making purchasing decisions. In Chuck Martin’s 6 Stages of Mobile Shopping, the first four deal directly with decision making by the consumer. They’re looking at many different sources to find this information and the retailer is in a perfect position to influence at the shelf edge. While you can have buying guides and purchasing checklists on your website, it’s just as easy to include them on your promotion signage in the store.

Sound like a lot of work? It doesn’t have to be but you do need a consistent ticketing strategy throughout your retail network.

How do your tickets help persuade shoppers?

This post originally appeared on the SignIQ blog and is used with permission.