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There’s never been a more competitive time in retail. Advances in technology and a seismic shift in consumer behaviour have some pundits predicting the end of bricks and mortar. But that particular theory doesn’t take into account the pleasure humans derive from the shopping experience. The fact remains many people prefer to see and feel merchandise. “Go shopping” remains a top recreational activity for both sexes. So how do retailers remain relevant in the face of changing tides?

Customer information lacking in retail

Retail ticket for printer with ratings and buying suggestionsAccording to a survey from Motorola Solutions, one of the big reasons shoppers buy online is because they believe they find better information. The shopper is frustrated because modern sales assistants don’t have the information needed to help make intelligent buying decisions. The Motorola report suggested a good solution would be to equip staff on the sales floor with mobile technologies such as smart phones and tablets to better assist the consumer. But there’s an even better way.

Promotional signage to the rescue

For as much as the consumer thinks they need more information, what they really want is help making decisions. Putting an educational spin on your promotional signage is an ideal way to inform the consumer and assist the shop floor assistants. Something as simple as a product comparison chart goes a long way to giving the shopper the information they need. For products in consumer electronics, a customer might not even know what product is compatible with the technology they have installed at home. (If you’ve ever bought a modem/router, you’ll know what we’re talking about.)

Continuity and consistency

The other advantage to putting an informational spin on your ticket is the ability to put your brand stamp on each sign. The shopper will make a decision about the information you supplied. They will remember a professionally designed sign or ticket. Your corporate branding will be part of that memory.

What does this mean for retailers?

Consumers still want to make an informed decision. Whether it’s a large purchase or an impulsive buy, the retailer has the opportunity to empower the shopper through signage. Consider how something as basic as nutritional information on a ticket can encourage cross-selling. Your customer may have come in for milk but a ticket suggesting healthy cereal could easily provoke another sale.

If you’d like more ideas about how you can increase shop floor sales, Signiq would love to hear from you. We have all kinds of ideas on how your promotional signage and shelf-edge ticketing can give you competitive advantage.

What information would you include on retail tickets?

This post originally appeared on the SignIQ blog and is used with permission.