Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and Moet & Chandon has turned to social media to boost sales. Their new marketing campaign, ‘Tag Your Love,’ is a mix of a social video available on their Facebook page and their special Valentine’s Day bottle and packaging.

The Valentine’s Day Moet & Chandon champagne bottle is a pretty pink and comes with a Moet Graffiti Box. The Moet Graffiti Box contains a gold marker that consumers can use to write customized messages directly on the bottle.

The social video explains (through a strangely cute, yet Nightmare Before Christmas-esque stick figure) the different ways you can customize their special Tag Your Love Valentine’s Day champagne bottle.

In the video, the stick figure uses spray paint to outline the bottle and the words “Tag Your Love” appear. Then the stick figure acts out scenes according to the example messages spray painted on the champagne bottle. Some of the messages are “Marry me,” “I love you,” “Let’s fly to New York,” “Congratulations,” and “It’s a boy.”

I asked Bryan Laurienti, co-owner of BBB Systems his thoughts on Moet & Chandon’s Valentine’s Day promotion and he said, “By combining the power of social media with their Valentine’s Day marketing campaign, Moet & Chandon is hoping to increase sales and possibly drive more traffic to their Facebook page. Since Facebook users have the option of sharing Moet’s social video with their friends, it has the potential to reach countless consumers in their target audience.”

What do you think of Moet & Chandon’s Valentine’s Day marketing campaign? Will you “Tag Your Love?”