Visual communication has become a very powerful form of communication in many fields. In fact, it has remained the most effective method for sharing information, literally since the Stone Age.

While visual communication has evolved significantly from cave paintings to holograms, research shows that visual means of communication are more effective in gaining and retaining the attention of an audience than any other method.

For an example, the use of images, videos, diagrams, charts, graphs etc. in presentations is a surefire way to get an audience to pay attention quickly; on the other hand, lack of such visual aids would definitely cause the audience to lose their interest in the presentation.

Unlike other methods, visual communication possesses the ability to deliver a message more directly and in a way that would make the audience understand the point being made more clearly. It also has the power to reinforce the credibility of the message, idea or the concept it is referring to.

Because of such qualities, it has become the most preferred method of communication in many spheres, whether in marketing, product development, financial, management or education.

Now let’s see how visual communication can actually be beneficial to your own organization;

Drives the message home at once

Compared to a mere quote or an extracted paragraph from a book, an image or a video has a greater chance at winning the attention of the audience and conveying the message to them immediately. A diagram, a chart or an image can help the audience understand the point you are trying to make, at a simple glance. During a business meeting with your clients or a brainstorming session with your team, incorporating visual communication would help you be more productive and straightforward.

Mind map for a product launch
Anyone can quickly visualize the steps involved in product launch with a diagram like a mind map ( Source: Creately )

A mind map showing the ideas surrounding a product launch. A mind map is a visual thinking tool that you and your team can use to generate and analyze ideas linked to a certain concept. Mind maps can be used for notetaking, brainstorming, problem solving, planning as well as presenting information. Using a mind map to generate new ideas help you focus better and tap into your inner creativity; but it might not be the same case if you were simply using a traditional list to jot down ideas.

A significant impact on the audience

What do you think would have a better impact on an audience; a paragraph explaining the adorableness of a puppy, or a picture of an adorable puppy? Obviously, you can stare at the picture of a cute puppy all day long! Why? Because an image has the ability to stimulate an emotional response in you than a mere set of words.

Moreover, an image, a video or any other tool of visual communication is easily retained in our memory for a longer period of time than other forms of oral communication.

Visual communication increases credibility of your message

Usually we all tend to believe a story, if it is accompanied by visual proof (like a picture or a video), because seeing it, is more assuring than merely hearing about it. In this regard, if you incorporate visual communication in your ad campaigns, it would make a significant impact in terms of your marketing efforts. It would not only increase the credibility of your brand, but it would also make it easy to win the trust of your target market, hence paving way to build brand authority, successfully.

A much more efficient way of communicating

Like we mentioned earlier, visual communication is a faster method of sharing information; it lets you make a point to your audience instantly, hence saving both your time (as well as that of your audience or your team) and effort. For an example, in showcasing the growth of your company’s revenue to your employees or shareholders, you can incorporate a simple bar chart that would compare this year’s return with that of the previous years. Likewise, in keeping track of a project underway, you can rely on a Gantt chart.

A timeline for a marketing project
Easily visualize timelines and dependencies between tasks

Above is a Gantt chart showcasing the progress of a project that is underway. You can quickly visualize the time spend on each task, how much of the work is completed and if there are any dependencies between tasks. Imagine trying to explain this using a text document and you’ll realize just how much you need visual communication.

Facilitates quick decision making

Quick decision making (with regard to a client or your product or service) is an essential part of an organization, especially when it comes to maintaining efficiency. Visual communication is immediate, simple, flexible, clear and reliable, hence it lets you make decisions and find solutions for issues at hand, very quickly.

Visual communication is an indispensable method of communication an organization can use for almost anything; from brainstorming sessions to raising brand awareness among a target audience. The discussed benefits point out how means of visual communication can be used to increase the efficiency of an organization. In order to reap these benefits, keep your visual messages simple and attention-grabbing!