A marketing copywriter can help your business immensely – especially in a digital world.

Most businesses face an intense level of competition, especially online. Unless you’ve stumbled onto something truly special, chances are you have competition.

A marketing copywriter can have a positive impact on your business in a number of ways, and help you differentiate yourself from your competitors.

The online marketplace allows people from all over the country and world to buy from you, but it also creates a more crowded market.

5 Ways a Marketing Copywriter Can Help Your Business

Focus on Audience Experience

As the owner of a business, or even as an employee, sometimes you are too close to the situation. Sometimes it is tough to step back and take an impartial view of what you are trying to do.

Let’s take the process of writing a press release for example. A marketing copywriter can help you determine when the flowery, glowing language surrounding your news item may be too much.

At a certain point, the press and your audience simply won’t care. A marketing copywriter can help you craft something from an impartial perspective, and when you are aiming to create something for your audience – that is exactly what you will need.

Tell Stories

Your content needs life. As I mentioned earlier in the post, a potential customer’s Google search may have called yours up in a pile of hundreds – or thousands – of competitive websites.

You need a way to stand out. Maybe there are some powerful numbers that support your argument for why people should go with you. But you know what they’ll remember? The story of how your product truly helped a faithful customer. People eat the best stories for lunch.

Serve as a Translator

I’ll hit business owners with a little more honesty. Sometimes, you may not be the best judge of what a potential customer wants to know about your business.

Let me break it down. You have a wealth of advanced industry knowledge. You may have an advanced degree or two. But your customer simply knows what they are in the market for. To put it another way, you are on the up side of a knowledge gap.

A good marketing copywriter can take your information, your story, and turn it into something that will resonate with the audience. They translate between the business owner and the customer on a regular basis.

In other cases, business owners can undervalue their knowledge. Because they know something, everyone else must, too, is the train of thought. A marketing copywriter can serve as an intermediary who can tell the business owner when the audience will take interest.

Headline Attraction

You may slave over the words for hours. It can take a long time and a hard effort to come up with the right 400 words. You want people to read it, right?

Don’t just slap a headline up top. Those few words at the top of your page are the single biggest factor in whether someone will click on your page, or your blog post.

That Google result page is crowded. A social media news feed moves fast. A compelling headline grabs your readers’ attention and wrestles it away from whatever they were doing.

It draws eyeballs and generates curiosity. A good marketing copywriter understands this, and works to pull new readers in all the time. This is done by making a promise and delivering. It’s done by showcasing a benefit.

Your headline needs to make people want to click.

Create a Compelling Interest

Your online content needs to keep people reading from start to finish. From your headline to your call to action, your audience needs a golden takeaway they will remember.

There needs to be a clear and decisive reason to act, and a marketing copywriter can help you create that strong pull.

A marketing copywriter will have experience showcasing his clients’ benefits. He will understand how to showcase a business improving the lives of their customers.


Of course, a marketing copywriter will give you copy that is clean, enticing and professionally written. This helps the reader to focus on the message, instead of being distracted by little things like grammar and spelling.

A marketing copywriter enhances your product, and makes your business more profitable by generating increased interest in your brand. Is it time to outsource content for the benefits listed above?