Peter Jones, the famous English TV presenter known for his role on the entrepreneurship show Dragons’ Den (the UK’s version of Shark Tank), has risen to riches in various industries aside from television. As of 2024, Peter Jones’ net worth is set at over $400 million.

The British entrepreneur and reality television personality is the last remaining original investor on the show, but he has also appeared on several other shows, not to mention started and invested in countless businesses. He even founded his own charity foundation.

To learn more about how Jones made his multimillion-dollar fortune, keep reading.

Peter Jones’ Net Worth Breakdown:

Over the years, Jones has invested in dozens of businesses and made profits from most of them. He has dabbled in just about every industry from electronics to fashion, whether as part of Dragons’ Den or privately. This makes it impossible to pinpoint every source of his wealth, especially because he is very private about the size of his investments and he doesn’t reveal much about his stakes or earnings. However, we were able to track down enough reputable sources to discover that his fortune most likely exceeds $400 million today. Here’s the breakdown.

Asset or Income Source  Contribution to Net Worth
PC company sale Unknown
Dragons’ Den investments £5,983,167 according to Mirror, or around $7,533,301
Investment in Phones International Group £1000 in 1998
Purchase of Red Letter Days £250,000 (co-owned) or around $314,000
Sale of Wireless Logic in 2011 £28 million or around $35 million
Reported business revenues £250+ million or around $314 million
Real estate $8.8+ million
Car collection $370k+
Total Net Worth  $400+ million

Peter Jones Net Worth: Early Life and Family

Peter David Jones was born on March 18, 1966, in Berkshire, England, and spent the first 7 years of his life living in Langley before his family moved to Maidenhead.  Like many successful serial investors and businessmen, he had an entrepreneurial spirit from a very early age. He often visited his father’s office where he daydreamed about becoming a high-powered businessman one day.

“When I was 7 years old, I would sit in my Dad’s chair, pick up the telephone and pretend I was closing a big deal.” – Jones shared.

As for his education, young Jones studied at Desborough School before he transferred to The Windsor Boys’ School. He was a tennis player and, at the age of 12, became the team’s assistant coach. A few years later, he started earning money by teaching private tennis lessons to other students, launching his first business, a small tennis academy, at only 16 years old.

young peter jones

Fast forward to 1988, Jones married Caroline Jones. He had two children with his former wife, Caroline: a son, William, and a daughter, Annabelle. He also has three children with Tara Capp, who he started dating after the divorce in 1997. His daughters’ names are Tallulah, Natalia, and Isabella.

The Dragons’ Den star has a rather unique approach to parenting. He recently went on record saying that he won’t leave his multimillion net worth to his children.

“I want my kids to be polite and respectful, stand on their own two feet. My children won’t get large chunks of cash, no. I’ve set up an arrangement which gives them something called match-funding,” – he shared with Telegraph. “When they finish full-time education and start to work, whatever they earn, they will get the same again. Every year for the rest of their lives the trust will double their income.”

Peter Jones Net Worth: From a Tennis Coach to a Multimillionaire TV Star

When he was only 16 years old, Jones started his own local tennis academy business. But this wasn’t the only venture he focused on at the moment. He also started a personal computer business, which eventually failed. However, he was still able to sell it to IBM.

He started his journey selling personal computers and teaching tennis and within a few years, Jones had dabbled in numerous ventures and achieved incredible fame. Let’s see how he managed to do all this.

Early Career

Selling his personal computer company to IBM wasn’t the best decision for young Jones. He reportedly lost £200,000 when he made the sale, and the decision made him lose his home in Bray and his cars, a BMW and a Porsche. Six months after the sale, he lived in an office space without hot water.

While we don’t know how much this venture added to his net worth before he lost it all, the business was most likely a success, judging by the valuable assets he had to sell.

Eventually, Jones got a job at Siemens Nixdorf as the manager of the UK arm of their computer division. After spending a few years working for the company, he opened a cocktail bar in Windsor, inspired by “Cocktail”, the Tom Cruise film. The bar’s name was Windsor Cocktail Bar.

In 1998, he decided to open yet another business. Jones founded his most profitable company, Phones International Group, which is now named Data Select, investing £1000 in it. By 2002, he was named “Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year” by Ernst & Young and The Times thanks to this venture.

The Success of Data Select

In 1999, the newly founded business operated out of two shops in London. Since then, it has grown into a business scattered all across the UK, counting over 200 stores at the moment.

In the beginning, Jones invested heavily in eCommerce, and his venture became one of the first mobile phone retailers to launch an online store. Nowadays, the company is one of the leading online retailers in the UK.

Jones’ Career in Entertainment

Jones is a full-time investor thanks to his long-term appearances on TV. Let’s see what his most notable TV appearances include.

Dragons’ Den

In 2005, at a time when Jones was already an established businessman known for his entrepreneurial capabilities, he was invited to join “Dragons’ Den”, the famous UK show where aspiring entrepreneurs presented their ideas to potential investors. To date, Jones is the only original Dragon still involved in the series.

In the newest season of the show, Jones is co-host with:

  • Deborah Meaden, who joined the show in 2003
  • Sara Davies, who joined the show in 2019
  • Touker Suleyman, who joined the show in 2015
  • Steven Bartlett, who joined the show in 2021 as the youngest dragon
Peter Jones and co stars of Dragon's Dens

As the longest-serving dragon on the show, Jones has made many smart and profitable investments. Some of Jones’ most notable investments on the show include:

  • Square Mile International
  • The Generating Company
  • Synthetic Genomics
  • Wonderland Magazine
  • Reggae Reggae Sauce
  • Concentrate Designs

American Inventor

Led by his experience, Jones came up with an idea for a show named “American Inventor“, which he eventually sold to the American Broadcasting Company (ABC Network). The show aired 19 episodes over two seasons in 2006 and 2007, and Jones was one of the judges alongside Simon Cowell. He co-produced the show with Cowell.

The two co-producers of the show teamed up again in 2007 on the show “Tycoon”, based on “American Inventor”, which aired in the UK.

Peter Jones on Dragon's Den


In 2007, Jones signed a so-called “golden handcuffs” deal with ITV to appear as their face of business programming. In September 2006, he appeared on GMTV to talk about his new show Tycoon. Tycoon was produced by Jones’ production company.

Tycoon ran for five episodes in June and July of 2007 and inspired Tycoon in Schools, a nationwide enterprise competition that started in 2012. In 2014, Jones announced the official beginning of trading for the competition Tycoon in Schools, a program that still exists to this day. Today, the competition is called the Tycoon Enterprise Competition and is supported by the Peter Jones Foundation.

Shark Tank

In 2020, Jones was invited to appear as one of the Sharks on the American TV show “Shark Tank“.

He is a recurring guest shark on the program even today, working alongside Robert Herjevac, Daymond John, Lori Greiner, Mark Cuban, Kevin O’Leary, and Barbara Corcoran.

Other TV Appearances

In addition to his recurring roles on the shows we listed above, Jones has also made other notable appearances including:

  • 2007: Appeared on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”
  • 2008: Took over from Gordon Ramsay as BT Business’ face on “Cookalong Live”
  • 2010: Starred in the fifth episode of the sixth series of “Hustle” with Duncan Bannatyne and Deborah Meaden.
  • 2010: Appeared in ITV2’s Celebrity Juice
  • 2010: Appeared on James Corden’s World Cup Live
  • 2010: A guest panelist in “Never Mind the Buzzcocks”, a BBC quiz show
  • 2011: A guest panelist in “The Magicians”
  • Two appearances in “Star in a Reasonably-Priced Car” by Top Gear between 2008 and 2015
  • Appears in TV ads for the business software company Sage Group, where he is the Ambition Ambassador
Peter Jones on Buzzcock

Philanthropic Endeavors

Throughout his career, Jones has taken a great interest in developing the business entrepreneurs of tomorrow. He has taken every opportunity to teach entrepreneurial capabilities to young and aspiring business people and founded his own Peter Jones Enterprise Academy, which now operates at different locations throughout the UK.

The Peter Jones Foundation, his charity organization, supports the advancement of education in young people through the teachings of entrepreneurship. He founded it in 2002. Today, the PJF offers a range of programs to support young women in their education, including a bursary program, an Entrepreneurship Masterclass series, and the Enterprise Academy we previously mentioned.

Awards and Accolades

Here are some of the most notable achievements and awards of Jones:

  • 2002: Named “Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year” by The Times/Ernst & Young
  • 2007: His book “Tycoon” became a bestseller in the UK
  • 2009: Jones was made a Commander of the Order of the British Empire
  • 2015: Appointed as the UK Government’s Enterprise Champion
  • 2017: His appearances on Dragons’ Den earned him a National Reality TV Award for Best Reality TV Judge
  • 2020: Named one of the UK’s most generous billionaires by Sunday Times Giving List

peter jones' book

Peter Jones Net Worth: Other Investments and Business

Jones didn’t leave the business world after joining the TV industry. He did quite the opposite, in fact. Over the years, he founded several businesses and enriched his portfolio in real estate, luxury sports cars, and more.

Other Businesses

  • Generation Telecom company, which he sold to Vodafone for an undisclosed sum
  • venture, an online retailer specializing in selling champagne and wine to corporate clients
  • Majority stake in Red Letter Days, an experience day company, sold in 2017 for an undisclosed sum (purchased with Theo Paphitis for £250,000
  • Celsius Resourcing, a recruitment company specializing in biotechnologists, unknown stake today
  • Wireless Logic, a subsidiary of his business, sold in 2011 for £38 million
  • Jessops, a photographic retailer he bought in 2013 for an undisclosed sum, where he works as the chief executive
  • Peter Jones TV, his own production company
peter jones with another man

While it is impossible to pinpoint how much he has earned throughout his business career and all of these ventures, Jones once claimed that he had generated revenues of over £250 million over the years while employing over 1,000 people.

Real Estate

Jones has several expensive property investments, including commercial offices, a property in Beverly Hills, a Portuguese villa, and more.

In 2004, Jones spent around $3.3 million for a 6-bedroom property in Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire, but he sold this property at a profit.

His Buckinghamshire estate, which he most likely still owns today, was worth around $8.8 million when he bought it in 2009.

Car Collection

Over the years, Jones has invested in many classic and luxury cars, including an Alfa Romeo Alfasud, his first car, as well as a £300,000 Maybach limousine. He has also invested in a company called “Wrapology”, which specializes in wrapping cars.

peter jones next to a man and 2 mercedes cars

What Can We Learn from Peter Jones’ Story?

Peter Jones, one of the most famous entrepreneurs in the UK, is known as a talented, diversified investor, having dabbled in numerous fields and bought and sold many ventures over the years. His successful career has much to teach us all.

For starters, his entrepreneurial journey is marked by persistence and resilience. He has faced many setbacks throughout his career but continued to pursue his goals of building successful businesses. Despite being left homeless and penniless after starting his first company, he persevered and kept moving forward, a move that made him a multimillionaire in a few years.

Jones has demonstrated quite the opportunistic mindset, seizing opportunities as they arise. He has been very open to exploring new industries, which is evident in the rich portfolio of assets and businesses he has invested in.

Successful entrepreneurs like Jones are willing to take calculated risks, even if they don’t all pay off. This shows that success takes some courage but also a lot of careful learning and planning if we want to achieve great things.

Finally, Jones has been spending his life mentoring and supporting other entrepreneurs, sharing his experience to help them succeed. Giving back to his community and supporting the next generations of business leaders is much more valuable than building his own fortune to cartoonish levels.