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You are trying to get the attention of a lead. You keep trying the same method of contact over, and over. Assuming persistence will pay off. However, it the end it’s more like persistence will piss off the lead.

The ability to utilize multiple touchpoints in both your sales and marketing will make all the difference in response rates. It will make you top of mind in the right way, not an annoying one. By hitting different channels, attention will be spread out.

Here are the 5 Ways to Contact Your Leads


Email has the use of a general campaign or a personalized message. You must choose based on your product/service, and target customer. For general brand awareness, and a lower price point product/service campaigns are a good fit. If the product, or service, is more complicated with a higher price point, then be personal.

Make sure that the subject line of emails stands out with emojis and non-typical messages. Everyone gets emails so separate from the pack!


Many thought leaders are acting as the phone call is dying. I say the complete opposite. The fact less are making calls means you should be making more. Also, the depth of connections you make during a call goes far beyond a message via social, or email. You can feel the emotion of the party and nurture that relationship.

There are also modernized tactics that a far more scalable using the phone to connect with your market.

First is ringless voicemails. Have you ever received a call from an unknown number? What do you usually do when it happens? Most likely you let it ring and go to voicemail. Then at some point, you play it back to see who was trying to contact you. This is where the ringless voicemail changes the game! Send out a well-crafted voicemail message to your market all at once. This would be ideal for the beginning of build rapport; After that, I would suggest making calls one on one when they contact you back.

Second is text messaging. The data is insane on this channel. More than 98% percent of texts sent are opened! This crushes the average of email open rates. The trick is to do it in a nonintrusive way, it’s a more personal channel so tread lightly. Send text to those you have connected with on other channels first. Let them aware that you will do so. You want to be a helper, not a spammer.

Social Media

By social, I’m not only talking about making posts. There is much more to the successful social media equation.

Liking others content, leaving thoughtful comments, and sharing is significant. People appreciate those that go above, and beyond to engage with their content as well as get them more attention.

Direct messaging. The biggest mistake I see all the time in this channel is jumping straight to a pitch when contacting someone. This is an egocentric move that won’t get you a response. The only exception is if it’s a business opportunity that the professional is showing openness.

Instead, PROVIDE VALUE. Think about it in real life. How awesome is it when you receive a gift from a stranger? It leaves a great impression and increases the odds of a relationship developing.

Online Ads

The most apparent touchpoint is paid ad campaigns. Whether they are social media ads, messenger ads, Google AdWords, or banner ads. They are all relevant.

Many see that there can is not a high enough ROI because engagement might be low. However, you must consider the number of people see the ad throughout web browsing. If they see you everywhere, it’s increasing familiarity which can lead to engagement in the future.

Direct Mail

Direct mail is the curveball tactic. It’s going against the evolution of technology. With so many businesses focusing on digital, traditional advertising is gaining an edge again. Think about how many more emails you receive than direct mail.

Crazy huh?

Implement a direct mail campaign that will catch your market off guard and make you become the more sincere business.


Never be a one trick pony when implementing a sales and marketing strategy. Embrace multiple channels to gain attention. Your brand will be touched more than a writers keyboard!

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