B2B social media isn’t the easiest of tasks. LinkedIn has become one of the most popularly used and important social networks to reach out to business buyers and build connections with other professionals. With its niche advantage and increase of content marketing, it’s increasingly becoming an outlet for B2B marketers with several advantages.

LinkedIn is a platform that enables you to not only build relationships, look for new hires and jobs, but establish a well oriented marketing campaign. Today businesses are using LinkedIn to establish thought leadership, conduct industry research, gain and improve reputation, and generate leads.

Learn the four main reasons as to why B2B marketers should be using LinkedIn:

Thought leadership

There are several platform features that allow individuals to put themselves into a leadership position, or thought leadership within specific domains. LinkedIn is a lush turf for thought leaders to present themselves and become trusted advisors.


By these thought leaders producing quality content, being active within the networks communities, and updating their personal profiles, their leadership within specific industries grow and develop into a much larger perspective — influencer marketing.

Industry research

LinkedIn is not only a social media platform, but a useful tool, as well. The network is perfect to expand your horizons, listen to other, seek out opinions and insights, and of course, ask questions.

By following your favorite companies and brands, along with connecting and networking with people, you can quickly stay up to day on your interests and favorite industry research.

Improving reputation

Did you know that more that more than two professionals sign up on LinkedIn every second? With this continuation of the signup rate, businesses have more opportunity and potential to increase contacts and expand their own book of business.

By using personal and community group features within LinkedIn, companies and those professionals that represent them all increase their visibility and credibility — as brands and even individuals. The main purpose of this social media platform is networking, but it allows to engage and identify with others, thus building and improving relationships and reputations.

Generate leads

While several might not view LinkedIn as a network with the capabilities of direct sales, it is one of the best networks to demand lead generation. Aside from the raw and organic measurements of obtaining leads via LinkedIn, the platform now offers personalized means of identifying new leads, engaging with those potentials and transforming them into consumers.

Prospects are likely to posts questions. By listening, networking, and responding, the potential of a new lead via LinkedIn becomes more imaginable. If the answer you return to the prospect is what the potential client is looking for, then they will initiate communications.

It’s a common misconception that social media is only for B2C companies in order to build overall brand awareness and develop a marketing strategy. As a B2B marketing expert, you are responsible for several tasks including lead generation, reputation and providing real, measurable results. B2B marketers net undeniable results on LinkedIn.