72 Fascinating Social Media Marketing Facts and Statistics for 2012

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  • Wow, 72 points of pure content relating to inbound marketing, thanks for sharing. Yes, there is a lot more to marketing then just screaming the loudest, those days are gone. tru-market.com

  • Norm says:

    What a fantastic list of information. I always new that search had the best conversion rate. People that type something into google are in a buying mood – at least when it comes to services or products.

  • Tom Pick says:

    No worries Doug! It provides a lot of support for inbound marketing as well as some tactical guidance.

  • Tom Pick says:

    Thanks Norm! Glad you found the info helpful.

  • randy s. says:

    Why ‘Huffington Compost’?

  • Very cool post! Thanks for the neat info!

  • Tom Pick says:

    No problem Keith! Hope you found some information you can use.

    • randy s. says:

      Hello, I’m trying to figure out why you refer to the Huffington Post as the “Huffington Compost” in item 70. In an otherwise straight and interesting post on marketing, it’s strange to see, as if you’d labeled Fox News as “Faux News”.

  • Tom Pick says:

    Not meant as a political statement. To compost is to recycle used material, so the word seems apt.

  • For me the one elusive social media platform for me is Linkedin. It’s challenging because I haven’t quite figured how to use it. If anyone knows of a course on how to use Linkedin, can you send me the link?

  • Earl says:

    I don’t see any surprise on LinkedIn being more effective than Facebook. Facebook is like throwing a line on a lake full of fish while LinkedIn is throwing a really good bait for good catch. Let me add that this is an impressive list.

  • Fionn says:

    Wow, amazing facts. Thanks for sharing, Tom!

    Social login is the way to not only offer great user experience but also attract more users to sign-up for your website. And great thing is that there are apps like LoginRadius are available that make social login integration very easy, even non programmer like me added facebook, google and twitter login on my site lol.

  • Louis says:

    I guess am missing something here. Never knew LinkedIn can do more than facebook. I gotta check out on it and do your advice. Thanks!

  • Tom Pick says:

    Earl, Fionn and Louis – thanks! I wasn’t surprised by the LinkedIn findings either as that’s what I see with b2b technology clients. There is an art and science to using it though certainly. I was more surprised by the social login findings, but it makes sense.

  • Sandy Cormack says:

    Lots of great info here. Facebook is awesome for business to consumer engagement, much less so for B2B. Whereas LinkedIn excels in B2B, yet doesn’t have the viral appeal of Facebook. The Tumblr story is interesting too – Tumblr is the most socially oriented blogging platform and their internal linking is tremendous.

  • Tom Pick says:

    Thanks Sandy! Tumblr seems reasonably good at driving traffic as well, though certainly not as strong as LinkedIn.

  • Megan says:

    Wow, great list!! It is so exciting to see how social media marketing is changing so quickly. I can’t wait to see what the next few years bring!

  • Tom Pick says:

    Indeed Megan – it keeps life interesting.:-)

  • Matt Alexander says:

    Wow what an insightful and informative article, thanks for sharing Tom! Fascinating indeed and aside from all the very useful info including point 49 regarding conversion rates of various lead sources I was bemused to learn more people own a mobile phone than a toothbrush! Perhaps iPhone could introduce a toothbrush app?

  • Wow some amazing facts about social media marketing. I’m using some of the services you mentioned but discovered few more here. It is really useful that you broke this down to different user types so anyone can get an idea about where to focus.

  • Tom Pick says:

    Nishadha – thanks! Glad you found some new ideas here.

  • I love the section on user experience, because that is exactly what I thought I knew; and it’s nice to hear it confirmed here. Generally, it seems, social media is truly the easiest, cheapest, and yet most effective way to get brands into people’s homes and heads now. Social networking IS the new TV. If you just have a commercial, or a billboard, people look right past you and your brand. Getting in their face, and becoming ‘cyber friends’, is the only way to be seen in today’s world. IMO. Thanks for the awezome info!

  • Marshmalo says:

    Tom, it looks like 2011-2012 is a recall for the sites that get attraction of image lovers. Tumblr and Pinterest both got huge rise in traffic. I wonder why those sites that are more old than tumblr and pinterest did not get their share.

  • Tom Pick says:

    Thanks Jason! It IS the new TV, but far more powerful because it is interactive, not just broadcast.

  • SmallBusinessMarketing says:

    A very insightful and richly informative post. I think a few people should understand one thing about social media – the rate at which it’s growing, it’s only a matter of time before it displaces conventional marketing methods.

  • Tom Pick says:

    Marshmalo – I suspect that Tumblr and Pinterest both benefited from good design as well as good timing. It’s a case of the second mouse getting the cheese.

  • Jeff Larry says:

    That’s fantastic stats Tom. Thanks a lot for sharing such an important information. Now I am going to share these stats with my friends, colleges,!!! out of all, I feel Pinterest is the next big thing under social media category.

  • Wow – this is fantastic. Can you do this quarterly. There is sooo much information out there – it is great to see it compressed like this. Thanks!

  • Tom Pick says:

    Hi Doyle – quarterly? Hmm, interesting idea. I do plan an update with new statistics soon. Stay tuned, and thanks!

  • Donna L. Ward says:

    Hey Tom – I always appreciate your expertise!

  • Thanks for this Tom.

    Some excellent stats in there. Nice to see all of the material put together like this.

  • JHawes says:

    No mention of YouTube… guess its not categorized as social media here, though it certain is that. I use all the SM tools they mentioned here, but I’d categorize YouTube even above Facebook.

  • Tom Pick says:

    Hmm, good point, not sure how I managed to collect all these stats and miss YouTube. Oh well, I shall have an updated set of facts and stats coming soon!

  • Wow. This is an excellent share. I don’t think we can ever summarize the stats to 72 points. I can’t even get started on Facebook and Twitter here. Kudos. This really helped

  • Mark says:

    Tom, you put together some amazing stats. It would be a lot more different as of now. Looking forward for the updated post on this. Thanks!

  • Tom Pick says:

    Thanks Mark, here’s the updated post: 87 More Vital Social Media Marketing Facts and Stats for 2012 – http://webbiquity.com/social-media-marketing/87-more-vital-social-media-marketing-facts-and-stats-for-2012/

  • facts says:

    These facts are really amazing, thanks for sharing!

  • Thanks for this tremendously valuable resource as well as the updated post! I’ve been able to find some very useful information here.

  • Joe says:

    Hi Tom,

    Just found this list whilst searching on the subject of online reputation management. Any plans for an updated list as we are now half way through 2013?

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