15 Social Media Trends By Social Media Marketers For 2013

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  • Very informative article Prasant. A lot of credible information from good sources, people should take note of these trends!

    Mobile for me is going to be big. If you don’t have a mobile optimised site you’re missing out. You want to give mobile users information fast and limit the amount of effort it takes to take in the content on your site. You need to encourage them to find out more about your business. If you have to scroll all the time to read one paragraph this is a problem.

    Also if you in Social Media, use analytics to match effort/spend with ROI. It can be done, so you should be doing it.

  • Thanks for sharing these information with us, Prasant. Small businesses should really put more resources and effort in establishing their social media. And this article point out important considerations in shaping up a marketing strategy that would help business owners create a more efficient approach.

  • I couldn’t be more thrilled that you included Transmedia storytelling to this list of trends! I did most of my graduate research on the subject (bias) but I can see the possibilities for endless collaboration and connection between brands and customers. It’s a proven way for audiences to feel included in the storyline and to get outside the idea that a story has to be told on one platform, one author, at a fixed moment in time. For me, social media marketing/content marketing, et al. is about effect storytelling, and I want to be empowered to use all digital tools at my disposal, I just hope that the community at large catches on to the idea.

  • Point 4 about Google and Twitter becoming more ‘cosy’ in an attempt to put pressure on Facebook made me sit up and think… Not entirely sure about linkedin. Content marketing most definetly seems to be the biggie in my opinion – what with the rise of guest blogging and all that as an alternative method of link building.

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