12 Awesome Social Media Facts and Statistics for 2013

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  • Knowing these statistics, all marketers should be able to promote any content they have accordingly on the appropriate social media outlets. But you shouldn’t forget about Instagram and Vine, as those have become popular outlets for promotion as well.

  • Very interesting statistics and useful information. I think what really helps Google plus stand out is that if you have a Google plus account and post something you are more likely to be ranked higher. For example, if you have over 1000 people in your circles compared to someone who doesnt use Google plus,Google would prefer you.
    I think China social media sites will also increase with users in the future especially with more people entering the middle class in China and a mass migration from rural to urban areas.

  • Liberals and their social media are undoing the world. We should pass laws against the internet. Where does it say in the BIble we should use the internet? And about talking to GOD instead of imaginary people? Does GOD use the internet? I don’t think so.

  • Despite these amazing figures I am often struck by how many people don’t use Facebook – Twitter – LinkedIn etc. and I have to remind myself that for my marketing to be effective it has to include email and regular direct mail campaigns.

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