3 Things That Make Online Marketing Outperform Traditional Advertising

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  • Online advertising is good (we help clients with it) – but a couple of caveats would be in order.

    In some countries the infrastructure and or search engine doesn’t allow precise geographic targeting. In the UK (for instance) people seem to be shifted perhaps 50 miles from their true location – presumably as a result of load balancing and resilience activities undertaken by ISPs – so the notion of advertising using SEM to particular city blocks is completely unattainable. Google also states it hides precise IP based locations for “privacy reasons”.

    Using Google Analytics for a web based response channel for offline marketing makes the effort far more measurable than most would believe.

  • The primary goal of Manage WP is to save people’s time. They want to enable their users to spend more time creating content and focusing on the things that matter most: your content, your customers, and your business.Great article Ian!

    • Oops. My first comment was a mistake. Sorry.

      Aside from being cheaper than advertising in TV, online marketing is also the fastest way to make your product more visible in public because of the gadgets that our customers are using. Another thing is that advertisers can target people who are actively searching for your product and services.This is the major advantage of online advertising.

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