Warning: Your Facebook Privacy Settings Have Been Reset

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  • This was an extremely helpful article, Kevin.

    I recently was subscribed to (when this all happened with the changes on Facebook) by someone I do not wish to be friends with. Not only did he know where I lived, but he also knew, based on my status update, that I was traveling to Philadelphis for 2 days. Having access to so much personal information on someone is extremely dangerous.

    Thanks for all of the tips : I’ve updated my profile already

    • Jennifer – I’m glad you were able to get that taken care of. Though I took a somewhat light hearted approach with my examples in this article, Facebook stalking is very real and these new privacy settings only enable it. We must be vigilant & share this with others who may not know.

  • Where has the option gone so that you cannot be sent friend requests by anyone???? I have been stalked again by a person who has too much time to waste.. they are friends of friends, so there is clearly a loophole there! and blocking them don’t work, they change email addresses, then add you, then before you can block them they block you! damn you facebook, you had the settings downpat, now you have opened up some serious facebook issues

  • dear
    im not geting 4 option in my how to connect option in my fb privacy.here showinh only 3 option.how i can get “”who can look up by name or comtact info “” i this option in my privacy setting.pls tell me ta procedure

    • “Who can look up your timeline by name?” is no longer existing in privacy settings for new accounts. Fortunately, I still have this feature for my old account.

  • scandalous, i checked for a few hours,
    result, FB eliminated this option , they want everyone out there!!!!
    no way to go back (exept change name) , very big brother

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