An influencer is a trustworthy and knowledgeable source on a particular topic with an above average ability to shape the decisions and mindsets of others.

Key Characteristics of Influencers:

1) Trust: Trust is an essential quality that all influencers must possess. Influencers who are considered authentic and credible by their peers gain this trust by being open, honest and transparent. If they lack this crucial trait, their audience will not listen. And without the power of the masses, influencers hold no sway.

2) Knowledge: Influencers are experts in their field. They possess specialized knowledge and skills based on experience and research in a particular area. Because they consistently provide high-quality and valuable information on a specific topic, their opinions on particular topics matter and hold weight among their peers.

3) Communication: Influencers have the desire and ability to communicate effectively in different mediums. In fact, influencers are 2X’s more likely to use social media to expand their social circles. They are also 2X more likely to communicate about brands online than the average user. Their natural inclination to socialize and participate draws in others. They have an ever-expanding social networks and audience base that is far more developed than an average social media user. These network connections make them particularly valuable to brands.

5) Desire to help: Influencers are passionate about what they do and what they believe. Their natural enthusiasm in providing useful information to help others and solve problems keeps people interested and coming back for more.

6) Good Timing: Influencers have a knack for knowing how, when and where to use their voice for the biggest impact. They also know the vast reach that social media offers and are not afraid to use it.

7) Powers of Persuasion: When influencers talk, people listen. Influencers have the ability to change the behavior and mindsets of those around them by simply voicing their own opinions. This is an extremely powerful and hard to replicate trait. When influencer’s endorse a brand, their word is worth gold.

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