Link building may be a cumbersome process but is very essential for your web presence and search prominence. At the end of the day, no matter how hard it is, you have to be in the good books of the Panda. So, here are top 7 tips that should work for your link building activities. These are real and practical strategies and you must try to inculcate them in your practices.

1. Be Connected To Today – Social Media Worthy Content

Besides the traditional link building strategies, you need to be connected to today. This means, write content that people will like to share and read. This content becomes viral and automatically gets the attention it needs. Organic link building has great chance to work for you in this day and age because of the internet culture; simply speaking people are more active and approachable, and hence, such link building is possible.

2. Continue To Submit To Directories

It may seem like the web space has changed, but some things are still important. Like directory submissions. Directory submissions have always been a great way to build links and still are pretty important. However, one needs to be careful not to rely only on directories for link building as the virtual space is very competitive and one may need to do more.

3. Link Through Your RSS Feed

The main purpose of integrating your links in the RSS feed is that your chances of getting linked back to your site increase with such a strategy. This is because people may read the content and possibly, link back to it if it’s available; either ways, a good action for SEO.

4. Get People Involved In Your Blog

You could get writers to contribute to your blog or possibly, take interviews. Spread the word through social media or discuss things that people are talking about. Try to get real people, whom you can meet and talk, on board; this helps in organic link building as more and more people read and pass on the work. The comments that your blog receives are all prestigious because that’s precisely organic linking!

5. Participate In Forums and Communities

Forums and communities are where people are and you could jump in there to promote your work! Everyone is doing it these days! Just join the conversation or stir one – even if people dislike your work, there is at least scope for it to reach further and higher.

6. Give Out Press Releases

There once was a time when press releases happened only in print media; possibly radio. However, now with a technology savvy world, it’s more convenient to present web PRs. Web press releases also get indexed real soon and appear in top results. Good for link building!

7. Connect With Fellow Bloggers

Joining hands with other people like you is a great idea to build links. This is the best way to build organic connections which go a long way in doing well on the web. Moreover, joining discussions and participating in conversations also helps. You could also join groups like Yahoo and answer questions of fellow users. This is a great way to build a genuine audience too.

Try these 7 tips and see how they work for your website’s link building efforts!

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