downloadCBS News reported that chronic unemployment is worse than that of the Great Depression. This is not reflected in the 9.1% unemployment rate, which has been decreasing since November 2010. Compounding this, May added the smallest number of jobs in eight months, prompting the highest unemployment rate in 20 months.

CBS News said, “There is an unfortunate adage for the unemployed: The longer folks are out of a job, the longer it takes them to find a new one.” Fabian Lambrecht told CBS News, “They’re saying there are more jobs. I’m just wondering where those jobs are.”

Statistically, 6.2 million Americans have been unable to find work for more than six months. This group represents 45.1 percent, a greater percentage than that of the Great Depression, of unemployed workers. The problem? A big gap on a resume may send unwanted signals to employers. Furthermore, the chronically unemployed have run out of money required for trainings due to a cease in unemployment benefits.

Paul Taylor, an executive vice president at the Pew Research Center said that “If you have been unemployed for 6 months or more, it takes a much deeper toll – not just on your personal finances and your career prospects – but on your emotional well-being.”

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