Tara Reid is nude in a picture the Sharknado actress shared on her official Instagram account. She covered up her private parts with her strategically placed hands and with the help of the angle, she didn’t show anything whatsoever.

Reid rang in the New Year in a white hammock and in her birthday suit, as seen in the below picture shared on the social networking website:

Happy New Year

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The blonde starlet also shared the below picture on social media:

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Tara Reid’s nude picture isn’t the only one of which she’s been sharing. The actress has several snaps of her New Year’s Eve vacation in Tulum, Mexico with her unnamed boyfriend. You can see their picture below:


She captioned the picture: “My amazing boyfriend who I adore. Thank you for making my New Years. You are wonderful.”

Reid’s nude picture is sure to cause some controversy, but another has drawn some media attention. The picture below shows the actress sitting in a cave, but with her left side looking pinched in, some of her detractors are saying that she Photoshopped her vacation picture in order to look thinner.

A perfect sphere in the middle of the cave! So much fun ❤️

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In a previous interview, Reid has said that despite what the public may think about her naturally small figure, she does have a healthy appetite. She shared: “I’m just a small boned girl, you see? I eat, I eat, I eat, I eat. Some people eat too much you yell at them – they’re fat. I’m just what I am. So if you wanna get mad at me cause I’m skinny, go ahead. I am what I am.”

Do you think Tara Reid altered the image of herself sitting on a rock? Or are you of the mind that that’s just how her body looks and there was no need for Photoshop? Hit the comments and let us know your thoughts!

[Photo Credit: Sam Howzit via Flickr]