artsysolomon / Pixabay

In a world overrun with multi-blade disposable razors, Patrick and Jennifer Coddou have created a patented single-blade razor that brings the luxury of a barber shave home. Because multi-blade razors can cause skin irritation as well as fill landfills with discarded plastic, the Coddous decided to develop a sleek, stainless steel, single edge razor. The Coddous are hopeful that a Shark will invest $300,000 for a 10% equity share in their company, Supply.

The Sharks initial reaction is that there have been other single-blade razors introduced to the market as a replacement for multi-blade razors. They aren’t sure there is enough differentiation or market share to make Supply a lucrative investment. That is until they heard about Supply’s sales. This year, Supply is on track to make $2.5 million in sales, which is a marked improvement over $1 million in sales last year. Their product currently has a 50% profit margin, however, they are making improvements to their supply chain which will help reduce costs and increase margins within a few months.

Patrick and Jennifer have invested $125,000 of their savings and both quit their jobs to devote themselves to the success of Supply. They are primarily selling direct to consumers online and are looking for a partner that can help them grow their business. Robert Herjavec and Kevin O’Leary are both interested in Supply and extend them offers. Robert offers $300,000 in exchange for 15% equity and Kevin offers Supply $300,000, for 5% equity and a $1.50 royalty in perpetuity. Jennifer and Patrick decide to accept Robert’s offer because they felt that Kevin’s offer was taking too much money out of the business during a critical time for their growth.

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