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We love our pets, but getting a picture with them is hard. They play such a big role in our life and it’s important for us to be in pictures with them rather than always just taking pictures of them. This is the basis for Jason Hernandez’s product, Pooch Selfie. The Pooch Selfie is a clip that attaches to most cell phone types and uses a dog’s natural draw to a tennis ball to pull their attention toward your phone while you snap the perfect selfie with your pup. The product can also be used to draw your dog’s attention to the camera for a perfectly timed portrait.

The product has currently sold 25,000 units and can be found in retail stores such as Bed, Bath and Beyond. Jason does hold a patent in the US but has had difficulty with companies trying to knock off his product. In partnering with a Shark, he hopes to better protect his signature product line. Another hurdle that Pooch Selfie has encountered is that the customer’s need to be educated on what the product is and how to use it. Jason is seeking an investment of $100,000 in exchange for 20% equity. This investment would allow him to address the market education issue by redesigning the product and packaging. He would like to add a line extension product that allows consumers to clamp a treat to their phone as well as a tennis ball. He also would like to make sure the design will fit most popular cell phone designs.

The Shark are impressed with his margins and lack of debt for being such a small company. Although most of the Sharks begin to decline to extend an offer to Pooch Selfie, Daymond John feels compelled to make Jason an offer. Daymond recently lost his dog and wishes that he had more good pictures of them together. He offers Jason $100,000 for a 33.3% share. Jason accepts and partners with Daymond.

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