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Doctor Sarath Malepati was taken off guard by the experience he had in the Shark Tank. Dr. Malepai, a general surgeon who is no longer practicing medicine, came to the Shark Tank seeking an investment of $125,000 in exchange for 5% equity in his company, EZC Pak. This physician-developed 5-day immune support pack is clinically formulated to strengthen your immune system to be able to fight off common viruses as well as bacteria that may require antibiotics.

In his past work as a general surgeon, Sarath saw patients that required surgery due to complex antibiotic-resistant infections. These experiences, coupled with his knowledge that as many as 95% of doctors admit to writing antibiotics at a patient’s request (even when they are unclear of the reason) has fueled his desire to find a product that will actually supplement the bodies immune system and help the body to be able to fight off common viral or bacterial infections.

When Dr. Malepati comments that consumer-driven medicine has actually fueled a public health problem, Mark Cuban loses his temper. Mark accuses Sarath of saying that consumers having more information and options in regards to their healthcare is a bad thing. The obviously shocked doctor’s misfortune in the tank didn’t stop there. Lori Greiner was trying to ask Dr. Malepati questions about his product because she is very into natural products and could be an excellent brand ambassador, and he wouldn’t directly address her questions or even look at her. Lori feels as though he doesn’t respect her as a Shark because she is a female.

Completely shocked by their comments, Sarath becomes very defensive and thrown off of his pitch while he is in the Shark Tank. He feels personally attacked by Mark and Lori and he makes matters worse by antagonizing Mark further. Although his fellow Sharks are very frustrated by Sarath, Kevin O’Leary is interested in investing in EZC Pak when he learns that his margins are 80% and his business has grown to $1.2 million in sales this year.

Kevin O’Leary offers EZC Pak $125,000 in exchange for 5% equity. He also would like a royalty on each pack sold. After engaging Sarath about this, they decide on a $1 royalty per until Kevin gets $450,000 back at which time the royalty will cease. Because he was out of options and clearly did not have any additional allies in the Shark Tank, Dr. Malepati accepts Kevin’s investment offer.

Do you think Mark and Lori were being fair to Sarath? Do you think that it was appropriate for Kevin O’Leary to partner with Dr. Malepati after the interactions he had with his colleagues? Join in the conversation in the comments below!