C. C. Conrad is on Shark Tank seeking an investment in Boobypack, a sports bra with zippered pockets. They call it the ‘fanny pack for your rack,’ and there’s also a crop-top style, and new tankini tops.

The design allows a wearer to move, jump, dance, and even get wet while keeping belongings safe and secure. They come in sizes from extra-small to extra-large, and a wide variety of designs.

The Boobypack debuted on Kickstarter in 2013, and more than doubled its $15k goal in the first 30 days. In June, they launched their website, and sold $10k in the first day. They’ve made $167k in sales since launch, almost all of it online.

The Boobypack costs $7.17 to make, and retails for $55. Customer acquisition is costing, on average, around $7, and a customer typically spends around $80 on the site.

Conrad is asking for an investment of $80,000 and offering a 20% equity in her company.

Mark Cuban was the first to bow out, saying that Conrad had a product, but not a company, and that he didn’t see it as having enough growth potential.

Conrad turned to Kevin O’Leary, saying that one way to scale was to license the products, and that this was his area. Kevin said he’d make an offer, “But you’re not going to like it.” He said instead of equity, he’d take $10 per unit, in perpetuity, for the asked $80,000.

Thanking him for the offer, Conrad declined, saying that she wasn’t willing to siphon cash away from the company at this point.

Barbara Corcoran spoke next, and was highly complimentary, calling Conrad a great entrepreneur, ‘the whole package,’ but then declining to invest — “…because I don’t think you need any help.”

Lori Greiner’s statement was similar: she told C.C. that she’s on the right track, and that at this point, she should continue to grow her business slowly. “It’s just too early for me. I’m out.”

Robert Herjavec had an offer to make, calling C.C. quick and relentless. He would give the asked $80,000, in return for 30% of the business.

As Conrad nodded, considering, Barbara called out, “You don’t need him!”

Kevin stepped in to modify his offer. He’d give the $80,000, and would take a $10 royalty per unit sold, as previously offered, but only until the amount reached $320k, after which he’d only take 5% in equity.

C.C. held firm, saying she wasn’t willing to give away money as her business was growing. Turning to Robert, she offered a counter: would he settle for 25% of the business? Robert, though, was as firm as she, and refused to budge.

Barbara spoke again, recanting her decision not to invest. “I’ll take that deal.”

Final Deal: Barbara Corcoran invested $80,000 in Boobypack for a 25% stake.

Photo: BoobyPack