Is Selena Gomez’s manager Kris Jenner? There is new evidence pointing to the singer’s use of the momager in order to manager her affairs. As you know, Kris Jenner is the manager of all of her daughters’ affairs and usually nets a profit of ten percent as a whole. Will she take ten percent of Gomez’s money, as well?

Kris Jenner has catapulted the Kardashian and Jenner names into every household in America — and the world and Gomez isn’t actually unknown, so this leaves us wondering how this will benefit the former Disney star. Could Jenner push Gomez into healthier living — or could it be the opposite and we should expect a Selena Gomez sex tape?

Gomez is already an international sensation after rising to fame as the star of “Wizards Of Waverly Place” and as a singer. Gomez has already committed her life to doing better for herself with regard to her health and now with the addition of Jenner to her team, it appears that she will be taking her dedication to fitness will be taken to a new level.

A source revealed, “Kris wants Selena to harden up her body and get a Kate Hudson six-pack and has signed her up for Barry’s Bootcamp, which Kim does. She’s giving her tips and advice on everything from surgery to body hair and Selena’s completely in awe.”

As Selena Gomez’s manager, Kris Jenner does know what it takes to blow up celebrities’ careers, so it’s only a matter of time before the public is exposed to Selena Gomez everything. The source said, “She’s really stepped into Selena’s departing mom’s shoes and is mentoring like she was her own daughter. She thinks Selena’s got a huge amount of talent and plans on making a ton of money out of managing her.”

Of course she does!

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