Art needs no language to express itself. The way it is portrayed tells its story and you feel the same when you watch the first glimpse of soon to be released Pune 52, a Marathi thriller movie. You watch the trailer and you know the movie has got substance to keep you on the edge even though you don’t get the nuances of the language.

Set in the year 1992, against the backdrop of the finance reform policy that pushed the Indian middle class family for reforms too, Pune52 is the story of a private detective whose entire life undergoes a dramatic change when he takes up a personal and complex case. Written and directed by Nikhil Mahajan, the movie has Girish Kulkarni, Sonali Kulkarni and Sai Tamhankar in lead roles. The movie that is all set to hit the cinema halls in a week’s time, is leaving no stone unturned in promotions. The movie is using various social networks to reach out to its masses. The website that gives you the entire snapshot of the movie clearly features that the movie has a presence on networks like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Pune 52 social media presence

Pune_52_FacebookDespite a multiple presence, the Facebook page of Pune 52 seems to have worked effectively. The fan page has more than 8000 fans while writing this post and the cover page clearly builds the buzz that the movie is going to be released soon. The recent updates on the wall focus more about the movie’s launch date which is coming soon. The content has been relevant but what surprises me is that the local flavor is missing in the updates!

To engage with fans the page had organized a simple but creative – “Pune 52 photography contest” some time back. Fans had to send photographs based on certain themes and an esteemed panel would select the winners.

Apart from Facebook, Twitter and YouTube haven’t been used to their potential. Nevertheless, the move is a great one since regional movies haven’t got their due in India and social media can be used extensively for this purpose. However, I would have loved to see some Facebook posts in Marathi considering that it would appeal to the major chunk of potential viewers.

With a week to go, the movie looks exciting and it could set an example to other forthcoming regional movies to adopt social media to reach out to fans, keep them posted and create the required curiosity.