Apparently Disney, with Star Wars obviously being their focus, still has Indiana Jones on the back burner. Variety sat down with Disney CEO Bob Iger, and when asked about the current state of Indiana Jones, Iger said:

I imagine it’ll be quite a long time before Disney isn’t completely focused on Star Wars. There have been rumors floating around the net over the last few years, including a reboot starring Bradley Cooper, and this photoshopped image of Chris Pratt that got fans excited:


You’ve gotta admit, he wears the outfit well.

The last film in the franchise, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, was met with mixed response. People loved the nostalgia, the familiar plot elements, and the title character being aware of his age. However, fans of the series were upset with the inclusion of aliens. Indiana Jones has always been about adventure, ancient civilizations and archaeology, not science fiction; aliens, where ever you stand on their existence, do not belong in an Indiana Jones movie. I’m sure nuking the fridge didn’t help either.

The original film spawned a franchise of four movies, novels, comic books, a TV series, video games, and theme park rides. The character Indiana Jones is frequently ranked as one of the greatest characters in history, with the original film being ranked by Empire Magazine as the second greatest film of all time, behind The Godfather.

How do you all feel about a new Indiana Jones movie? Should they leave the franchise alone? Or should they spawn a franchise with a new actor and new trilogy?