Right in time for the holidays, Rockstar Games is adding a snowball fight mode for Grand Theft Auto V’s online play. Aside from hurling balls of icy snow at fellow online players, there will also be additional holiday-themed outfits, which include Christmas sweaters and gingerbread masks that you can wear to conceal your identity during a bank heist.

For those eagerly anticipating the snowball fight in Grand Theft Auto V, the game environment’s climate will dramatically dip and create a white Christmas in the world of San Andreas. Players will be able to round up their crew and start their own snowball turf war.

The holiday-inspired additions aren’t the only extra goodies Rockstar Games are providing for gamers. The company also announced a secret gift waiting for players who check in on Christmas day. The festivities even extend to the new year with the inclusion of a bank heist mode that will be released in early 2015.

Additional New Goodies

Rocket Launcher – For players who enjoy wreaking havoc and watching targets burst into a halo of fiery flames, Rockstar has announced the release of a homing missile launcher as the latest weapon that can be used “to make spirits bright.”

New Vehicles – There will also be four new vehicles, which include a Massacro, Jester sports car, Slam Van, and a Hot Rod Christmas Ratloader.

Crate Drops – Starting from now until Jan. 5, there will be regular crate drops where players can find a cache of rare collectible items. Among the goodies include vintage GTA tees that were previously only obtainable for players that partook in the game’s Social Club Event Weekends.

Fireworks Launcher – Starting from Christmas Eve until Jan. 5, players will have access to a limited-time rocket launcher that enables them to light up the sky with fireworks.

Grand Theft Auto V’s snowball fight feature will sure be a way to have some fun that doesn’t involve violent store hold ups and car jackings. This along with the other goodies will ensure that GTA players have a very jolly Merry Christmas.

[photo credit: changsterdam]