My Freedom Coin (MFC) is the native BEP-20 coin of a new decentralized financial software platform of the same name. The My Freedom Coin ecosystem consists of an exchange, wallet and crypto bank where users can buy, sell and collateralize MFC tokens.

Buying My Freedom Coin also entails an investment in the MFC project as a whole, by downloading their DeFi software app. Well review the steps to get started investing in MFC in this guide as well as the coin’s use case and utility, and the MFC project’s roadmap.

How to Invest in MFC – Get Started

To get started investing in MFC coins follow the below steps:

  • ✅ Step 1: Download MFC App – Visit the official site at and follow the links to download the MFC app for iOS (App Store) or Android (Google Play).
  • 🔎 Step 2: Read Whitepaper – Under the ‘What is MFC’ menu on the website, download the full PDF whitepaper
  • 🛒 Step 3: Watch Tutorial Video – Also view the introductory video on the homepage which explains how to invest in MFC with screenshots

What is My Freedom Coin?

MFC is marketed as the first DeFi software of its kind – with a use case as a crash-proof asset and store of value that provides stable growth for investors. Similar to other crypto DAO project and DeFi lending platforms, the investors own the platform and the MFC exchange, and can autonomously take out crypto loans on it using MFC as collateral.

MFC exchange

Via My Freedom Coin website

The whitepaper also describes MFC as a ‘stock-like cryptocurrency’ in that it is designed to not be as volatile or prone to market crashes – like the crypto and NFT bear market of mid 2022 – as other digital assets.

Instead this DeFi project creates a set floor value, i.e. floor price for its native token, by setting up a treasury with BUSD stablecoin assets held in reserve – enough that all MFC tokens could be bought back if necessary.

My Freedom Coin

My Freedom Coin app screenshots

My Freedom Coin runs on the Binance Smart Chain, like many DeFi tokens. All transactions on its network contribute to the appreciation of the Coin, benefiting all MFC holders.

In that way the platform functions as both an exchange and a crypto savings account – a form of bank account for crypto and DeFi investors. Although the yield from DeFi projects outperforms the typical interest rates of high street banks, which in 2022 averages around 0.05%, lower than the rate of inflation.

MFC Tokenomics

BUSD in MFC Treasury $1,976,294
Circulating Supply 14,116,585
Floor Price $0.14
Minimum Investment $15
Network BEP-20
Accepted Countries Global


My Freedom Coin is a relatively new DeFi project launched in 2022 and their current goals are to:

  • Build awareness of the MFC token
  • Increase app downloads
  • Increase token-holders (user acquisition) – which raises the MFC floor price for all investors

MFC completed stage one of its roadmap earlier this year, launching their exchange and network on the Binance Smart Chain, and developing their wallet and app.

MFC Roadmap

MFC Q1 2022 roadmap

The MFC project’s aim is to provide a fair balance to the current inequality of the world economy, unlike current financial institutions (TradFi) where all proceeds benefit a few at the expense of the community, making MFC a method for investors around the world to gain a degree of financial freedom.


MFC is an interesting new concept in cryptocurrency and decentralized finance – establishing a treasury of reserves to hold up a price floor and allow for low-risk investment adds something new to the sector.

Investors can learn more at the official My Freedom Coin website, read the MFC whitepaper and download the MFC app.

My Freedom Coin

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. Your capital is at risk.

FAQs on Buying MFC

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