Web 3.0 is a term used to describe the next generation of the internet. At the forefront of this are emerging technologies such as the blockchain protocols, smart contracts, crypto coins, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.

In this guide, we discuss the best Web 3 crypto coins to buy for long-term upside potential, including some new altcoin projects.

Best Web3 Crypto Coins to Buy in 2023

Below you will find a list of the best Web 3.0 crypto coins to consider buying this year.

  1. Fight Out – Best web3 Move-to-Earn Cryptocurrency Platform
  2. C+Charge – New Green Crypto in the web3 Space Pioneering EV Charging Payments Sector
  3. Metropoly – Crypto Coin with the Highest Growth Potential in 2023
  4. RobotEra –  Metaverse Gaming web3 Crypto Offering Industry-leading P2E Rewards
  5. Swords of Blood – The Best Role-Playing Game Launching on Polygon
  6. Securedverse – The Best Web 3.0 Gaming Token of 2023
  7. Tamadoge – Upcoming Web3 Crypto Gaming App
  8. Battle Infinity – New Upcoming web3 Metaverse Crypto Coin
  9. Ethereum – Top Web 3.0 Smart Contracts Platform
  10. Uniswap – One of the Best Web 3.0 Crypto Tokens for Decentralized Trading
  11. Basic Attention Token – Top-Rated Web 3.0 Coin Supporting the Future of Digital Marketing
  12. Decentraland – Best Web 3.0 Coin to Invest in the Metaverse
  13. Yearn.finance – Leading Web 3.0 Crypto Project Involved in Decentralized Lending
  14. Cosmos – Innovative Project That Connects Competing Web 3.0 Crypto Projects Together
  15. The Graph – Top Web 3.0 Crypto Coin to Buy for Blockchain Indexing
  16. Tron –  The De-Facto Web 3.0 Crypto Coin for Content Creators
  17. Solana –  Hedge Again Ethereum as the De-Facto Web 3.0 Blockchain
  18. BNB –  Binance Will Likely Play a Role in the Web 3.0 Ecosystem

Visit the Best Web3 Crypto

Each of the above crypto coins supports the Web 3.0 ecosystem in different ways – so read on to assess which digital asset is right for your portfolio.

You’ll also notice that many of these cryptocurrencies are also some of the most undervalued cryptos on the market.

A Closer Look at the Best Web 3 Tokens to Invest in

Web 3.0 will be supported by a variety of niche sectors from within the blockchain industry. This includes everything from smart contracts and gaming and finance and the Metaverse.

And as such, you can gain access to the Web 3.0 phenomenon by investing in a selection of top-rated projects. In the sections below, we take a closer look at the 10 best Web 3.0 coins to consider buying right now.

1. Fight Out – Best web3 Move-to-Earn Cryptocurrency Platform

Fight Out is a top-notch fitness app that uses a one-of-a-kind Move-to-Earn system to motivate users to reach their daily exercise targets and participate in in-app competitions. 

The project has gained tremendous success, already amassing over $4.4 million USDT during its early presale phase. As the prices are expected to rise soon, it’s wise for prospective buyers to purchase $FGHT at the current discounted rate of $0.02368 USDT. Also, investors who buy $FGHT tokens will be eligible to win a prize of $250K.

FGHT Presale $4.478M raised

Fight Out has teamed up with prominent UFC fighters, including Taila Santos and Amanda Ribas, to enhance its presence in the fitness and sports industry.

The platform has crafted an immersive metaverse for its users to elevate their fitness experience. With exclusive, customized NFT avatars known as “Soulbound” linked to real-life fitness progress, users can connect with other community members within the metaverse. This allows for a unique and engaging way for users to visualize and track their progress and connect with others on the same journey.

Fight Out has introduced a unique in-app currency called “REPS” that incentivizes users to reach their fitness goals. Users can earn REPS by completing workout sessions. They can use this currency to buy various items in the project’s marketplace, such as discounted memberships, cosmetic NFTs, and other special offers. 

Fight Out workouts

Users can refer to MMG’s whitepaper to get a deeper understanding of the platform’s various features. After the presale ends, Fight Out will list the $FGHT token on cryptocurrency exchanges. The initial exchange offering will take place on April 5th, 2023, which will see the FGHT token be listed at $0.0333 per token. 

Investors can enter Fight Out’s Telegram channel to stay informed about the latest developments.

Presale Started 14 December 2022
Purchase Methods ETH, USDT
Chain Ethereum
Min Investment None
Max Investment None

2. C+Charge – New Green Crypto in the web3 Space Pioneering EV Charging Payments Sector

C+Charge has designed a groundbreaking EV charging payments system that rewards EV owners with carbon credits as they charge their vehicles. 

The platform has quickly caught users’ attention, raising over $1.2 million USDT in a brief time. At the time of writing, the $CCHG token can be purchased at only $0.016 USDT. It’s a good idea for users to consider investing in $CCHG as the token price is set to increase to $0.0165 USDT in the following presale stage.

C+Charge is a promising altcoin to buy

The project has developed an innovative system that rewards EV drivers for their sustainability actions. By using the platform’s $CCHG tokens as a payment method for charging their vehicles, EV owners have the opportunity to earn carbon credits. These carbon credits and the $CCHG tokens can then be safely stored in the user’s crypto wallet.

In addition to earning carbon credits, C+Charge’s app also offers helpful features for EV drivers. The app enables users to monitor their carbon credit balance with ease. It also provides real-time data, such as charging station availability, transparent pricing, and other essential information.

C+Charge application boasts a geolocation function, enabling EV owners to locate the nearest charging station effortlessly. The project’s whitepaper delves into the details of the app’s various features that help users understand the platform’s diverse offerings.

Buyers can stay updated and informed by joining C+Charge’s Telegram channel.

Presale Started 16 December
Purchase Methods ETH, USDT, Transak
Chain Binance
Min Investment None
Max Investment None

3. Metropoly – Crypto Coin with the Highest Growth Potential in 2023 

Metropoly is the latest Web 3.0 project to grab the attention of the traditional market. The project is building a first-of-its-kind NFT marketplace that allows you to invest in income-generating properties without banks, hidden fees, or geographic limits. It is dedicated to everyone who seeks to invest in real estate, generate passive income, diversify their investment portfolio, and protect their capital from inflation.

If it takes you two months to buy a property through traditional methods, Metropoly brings that down to less than 20 seconds.


Metropoly Real Estate NFTs are backed by real-world properties divided into fractions. With these fractional NFTs, anyone can invest in real estate for as little as $100. The NFT owner gets monthly rental income and benefits from long-term value appreciation just like a REAL real-estate owner, minus the hassles of paperwork, maintenance, and finding new tenants. Moreover, you can trade these shares anytime you want to on the marketplace.

If you’re planning to diversify your portfolio to include something safe and tangible, Metropoly tokens and NFTs make a great choice. Metropoly is powered by the METRO token, which is currently in its presale stage at a heavy discount. The tokens will undergo a gradual price hike to up to 300% profit on launch. Use Bonus Code Launch20 to get an additional 20% on your purchase.

If you hold $100 in METRO, you are eligible to participate in an exciting giveaway, with a beautiful Burj Khalifa apartment worth 1M USD up for grabs. It can accrue up to 100,000 USD yearly rental income.

Blockchain Ethereum (ERC-20)
Supply 1 Billion
Minimum presale goal $500,000
Currencies supported USDT, ETH, BNB
Minimum investment $100
Token launch After the presale is sold out or on April 1st, 2023

METRO tokens will be an ideal hedge against inflation, judging by the high competence of the project and the team. For example, the Metropoly Marketplace Beta is now live for testing, instilling faith in the road ahead for the project. The Metropoly contract is audited by CertiK, mitigating risks of hacks and exploits.

Metropoly has also partnered with ChainAdoption, which has worked with Polkadot, Tron, and EOS. Another interesting partnership is with Tenset, which incubated projects like Metahero and Everdome Coin, both of which made more than 20X after launch.

4. RobotEra –  Metaverse Gaming web3 Crypto Offering Industry-leading P2E Rewards

RobotEra is a revolutionary platform that seamlessly blends a virtual world with an earning opportunity for users within its ecosystem. Utilizing blockchain technology, the project offers an immersive gaming experience for users. Players can grow their digital assets and contribute to rebuilding the destroyed world within the game through its interactive gameplay.

The platform has attracted a large amount of user and investor interest, especially with the project raising close to $728,000 USDT during its current presale stage. The project’s native token, $TARO, is expected to experience a rise in value, with the price projected to reach $0.025 USDT in the upcoming stage.

RobotEra is a one-of-a-kind platform that enables individuals to create, distribute, and trade digital assets across various NFT communities. The project aims to build a virtual universe that seamlessly combines entertainment, social interaction, creativity, and exploration.

RobotEra’s platform allows users to explore different virtual worlds and provides a wide range of exciting activities for players to partake in. These can include virtual theme parks, cutting-edge virtual museums, and other captivating experiences within the RobotEra ecosystem.

On RobotEra, players have several opportunities to earn extra income. They can expand their earnings by trading NFTs, holding and staking the platform’s token, investing in virtual real estate, and engaging in mining activities.

The initial presale stage for RobotEra has been a tremendous success, with over 36 million tokens sold out of the targeted 90 million tokens. Currently, $TARO tokens can be purchased at a discounted rate of $0.02 USDT.

The project’s whitepaper provides additional information for those who want to gain a deeper understanding of RobotEra’s functionalities. Additionally, they can stay up-to-date by joining the official Telegram channel.

5. Swords of Blood – The Best Role-Playing Game Launching on Polygon

Swords of Blood is the first AAA-quality, fast-paced, F2P hack-and-slash, RPG launching on Polygon. It boasts flashy combat, stellar graphics, and various game modes – ready to seize the heart of avid crypto gamers. Swords of Blood is built on the framework of an award-winning title that was initially released in 2019 by Artifex Mundi. But the earlier version was limited to mobile and incomplete. It is coming back with new vigor and expanding its roots to Web 3.0 now.

The plot of Swords of Blood revolves around the brutal fall of the World of Ezura, which brought about violence, betrayal, and cunning evil. Darkness has taken over Ezura now. As the last of Bladebound, it is your duty to bring a spark of hope to the desolate lands. You can become a fearless dungeon crawler, a bounty hunting battle-image, or a powerful warrior grinding for loot and rare equipment.

The MVP of Swords of Blood is now playable and features multiple asynchronous game modes – like Main Campaign Dungeons, Monster Hunt dungeons (where you play against waves of progressively harder monsters), and Boss Fortress (where you team up with four other players to fight against powerful bosses). Ultimately, the project wants to become a community-centric MMORPG as the current game modes become synchronous and adds multiplayer features such as Tournaments, Clans, and DAOs.

The Free-To-Play game aims to attract as many traditional players as possible by featuring multiple Play-To-Win and Play-to-Own mechanics. The primary means of attracting new players will be the game, however. You can make an income from the ecosystem by playing the game, being active in the community, participating in tournaments, and minting legendary Items and selling them as NFTs (or GUTs – Game Utility Tokens).

Hit Box Games LLC has acquired unlimited rights to publish the game with reimagined features like:

  • 4, 8, and 16-player PVP modes
  • E-Sport micro tournaments
  • 150-hour game expansion pack. (Written by a team that has previously worked on Cyberpunk, The Witcher, Gord, Command and Conquer, and Ghost Recon)
  • Community-based gaming with guilds and clans
  • G.U.T.’s, game utility tokens (NFTs)
  • Blockchain and fiat payments

Swords of Blood will also be published as a cross-play game on both mobile (Android and iOS) and desktop. It aims to become a gateway for traditional digital gamers to easily adopt Web 3.0 gaming by providing them with a seamless experience, similar to any other free-to-play game.

Swords of Blood is backed by and partnered with Fundamental Labs, Solana Ventures, Master Ventures, Gate.io Labs, and Magnus Capital to name a few. And the team is led by game development veterans like CEO James Seaman, who has more than 35 years of experience in the industry.

The best investment gateway to Swords of Blood is the $SWDTKN presale in March 2023, which is divided into three rounds, with a gradual price hike. $SWDTKN is the native cryptocurrency of the platform. The fact that presale token holders and investors will have exclusive access to the game’s closed beta and other perks (like automatic whitelisting to NFT sales, and phygital giveaways) adds to its allure.

6. Securedverse – The Best Web 3.0 Gaming Token of 2023

Next on our list of the best Web 3.0 crypto coins to buy this year is Securedverse – a new blockchain-based game that revolutionizes the industry by featuring a secure, fun, and rewarding gaming experience. Here, you can earn crypto by playing, staking, and participating in other in-game activities.

There will be four unique heroes in Securedverse, each with its own set of skills and abilities. You can choose your hero and participate in exciting battles in different game modes and maps. While there is a myriad of blockchain games, the immersive graphics, sound effects, and user interface of Securedverse set it apart in the crowded gaming market.

Securedverse has built a blockchain foundation for the game to ensure that it is secure, transparent, and resistant to fraud. Since all transactions are recorded on the blockchain, your data, and assets are safe in the ecosystem.

The native cryptocurrency of Securedverse is SVC. It facilitates different in-game transactions and activities in the ecosystem. The token will be available for purchase at discounted prices during the presale. Interestingly, presale purchases don’t have a vesting or locking period, making SVC one of the best early-stage tokens to buy now.

  • You can acquire SVC coins through the leaderboard system.
  • SVC features both free-to-play and play-and-earn systems.
  • You can earn SVC coins in different game modes after the pre-alpha phase.
  • You can also stake them in the future.

The roadmap of Securedverse is divided into different phases like adding new heroes, maps, and game modes. It will also open staking and launching special events along the way. In addition, the team is working on a virtual reality version of the game that will take the gaming experience to the next level. If the platform succeeds in delivering its gameplay and reward system as planned, it has the potential to become one of the most sought-after blockchain games in the market.

The team has announced that the game is ready for launch. It will go live soon after the presale ends.

Securedverse is led by a team with extensive experience in the gaming industry. They are committed to creating an engaging and dynamic gaming experience for users. Another factor that instills faith in Securedverse is that the token smart contract has been fully audited by Coinsult. Moreover, the project and team KYC has been verified by Coinsult and Coinsniper.

Total Supply 700M $SVC
Public Presale Supply 140M $SVC
1st Stage – 35M $SVC 1 USDT = 69 $SVC

Price: 0.0143 USDT

2nd Stage – 35M $SVC 1 USDT = 53 $SVC

Price: 0.0186 USDT

3rd Stage — 35M $SVC 1 USDT = 43 $SVC

Price: 0.023 USDT

4th Stage — 35M $SVC 1 USDT = 33 $SVC

Price: 0.03 USDT

7. Tamadoge – Upcoming Web3 Crypto Gaming App

One of the main appeals of the Web3 world is the ability to make money online from the comfort of one’s home, and the latest craze in that field is play to earn crypto apps that allow the user to earn free crypto.

Tamadoge (TAMA) is the latest P2E crypto catering to that market, and part of the popular Doge ecosystem.

However, while meme tokens like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu were largely based on hype and struggled to hold their value in the long term, Tamadoge is a multi-utility crypto token that combines gaming with decentralized technology.

Tamadoge is the main crypto of the Tamaverse – a play-to-earn (P2E) platform that enables players to earn rewards in TAMA, distributed through a prize pool. Another key difference between Tamadoge and another crypto like Doge is that the former is a deflationary asset. The supply of TAMA decreases because 5% of all Tamadoge spent is burnt forever.

tamadoge is best web3 crypto

Focusing on the long term, the game developers plan on reserving 20% of all tokens for listings on decentralized and centralized exchanges. The remaining 30% will be unlocked during a 10-year period via minting operations.

The main attraction of the platform is Tamadoge Pets – unique avatars minted as NFTs via smart contracts. Users can purchase these avatars from the Tama store via TAMA tokens. Apart from purchasing these tokenized pets, users can also buy items to feed their toys to make them healthier and more competitive.

Another future mission is to launch a Tamadoge app, which will use Augmented-Reality (AR) to retain the P2E dynamics from the web-based platform. Solid Proof has already audited Tamadoge, and CoinSniper has verified the platform. Interested users can buy TAMA on OKX, and its NFTs on OpenSea.

7. Meta Masters Guild – New Web3 Crypto Coin With Exciting Giveaways and P2E Rewards

Meta Masters Guild (MMG) is seeking to transform the realm of crypto gaming by allowing players to earn real-world money through in-game actions.

This is the world’s first Web3 and decentralized cryptocurrency gaming guild. On Meta Masters Guild, players can earn rewards by taking part in multiple mobile-based cryptocurrency projects. The platform positions itself as a ‘Play-and-Earn’ game, as it wants to offer exciting gameplay rather than just focusing on the monetary side.

The platform has developed a unique system that incentivizes players by awarding them with “Gems,” which is the in-game currency within MMG. These Gems can be converted into the platform’s native token, $MEMAG. These tokens can be used to invest in the game’s ecosystem or exchanged for real-world money. This unique incentive encourages players to invest their time and resources into the game, promoting its long-term growth.

MMG is dedicated to providing a gaming experience that is both accessible and user-friendly. To accomplish this, the platform streamlines the game development process and eliminates unnecessary technicalities. This method makes the games easy to grasp and enjoyable for a broad audience, which is crucial for the platform’s sustained growth.


The platform provides players with a selection of games that allow them to earn Gems, its in-game currency, which can be utilized for multiple purposes. Users can use these Gems to acquire exclusive NFTs, trade them for other currencies, and exchange them for $MEMAG, among other incentives.

MMG’s digital marketplace enables players to obtain unique, playable NFTs. These NFTs can be linked to the player’s digital wallet and used within the games. Additionally, the project enables users to earn NFTs and similar incentives via engagement in the project’s community.

The project collaborates closely with multiple game developers to broaden its presence in the gaming industry. To do so, it invites game developers to develop games leveraging the $MEMAG token. Those interested in gaining a deeper understanding of the platform’s features can refer to its litepaper for additional information.

Through the presale, Meta Masters Guild raised nearly $5 million after allocating 350 million tokens, which represent 35% of the total token supply. Users can also enter the platform’s Telegram group to get the latest updates.

9. Battle Infinity – New Upcoming Web3 Metaverse Crypto Coin

After reviewing the top Web 3.0 tokens in the space, Battle Infinitywe picked out Battle Infinity as another of the best new crypto projects to invest in. With the advancement of blockchain technology, we are witnessing a growing number of metaverse-based projects that promote Play-to-Earn (P2E) gaming features.

Battle Infinity is a decentralised project that provides users and creators with the Battle Arena space – a metaverse platform that has deployed 6 different P2E games for users to participate in. At the centre of Battle Infinity is IBAT – the platform’s utility token. IBAT tokens are built on Binance Smart Chains (BSC) and function as a BEP-20 protocol.

The tokens act as an in-game reward for participants, and can also be staked on global liquidity pools in exchange for other cryptocurrencies. Furthermore, players can purchase plots of virtual land structured as NFTs on the P2E games with IBAT.

battle infinity's ibat - best web3 crypto

One of the available games on the Battle Arena is the IBAT Premier League – the world’s first decentralised-blockchain NFT-based sports fantasy game. Users have the chance to participate in the league by purchasing NFT passes by staking IBAT and earning the opportunity to built a strategic team to battle with other players.

The Battle Infinity platform is also planning on expanding its community – by planning to launch on PancakeSwap and other DEXs. Furthermore, the decentralised network wants to deploy multiple NFT land sales, deploy multiple smart contracts and use celebrity marketing to spread the word. We recommend the Battle Infinity Telegram Group as the best place to keep tabs and track upcoming features and updates of the platform.

10. Ethereum – Top Web 3.0 Smart Contracts Platform

We would argue that Ethereum is one of the top Web 3.0 projects available in the space. The reason for this is that Ethereum sits at the heart of the Web 3.0 ecosystem as we know it today. Crucially, as we discuss in more detail later on, many of the leading Web 3.0 projects are actually built on top of the Ethereum blockchain.

This includes a vast range of decentralized finance networks, Metaverse coins, DApps, and much more. Another important aspect of the Ethereum ecosystem is that it allows anyone – including Web 3.0 projects, to create and deploy smart contracts. In fact, Ethereum is home to more smart contract agreements than any other crypto project.

ethereum price prediction

In terms of the Ethereum token itself, this crypto coin is the second-largest project in terms of market capitalization behind Bitcoin. Moreover, Ethereum – which was first launched in 2015, is one of the best-performing crypto coins in recent years. For instance, over a 5-year period, the value of Ethereum has increased by nearly 5,000%.

If you’re on the hunt for another ETH-related crypto then why not check out our how to buy Ethereum Classic guide as well?

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. 

11. Uniswap – One of the Best Web 3.0 Crypto Tokens for Decentralized Trading 

A term that you come across a lot when searching for the best Web 3.0 coins to buy is ‘decentralization’. In a nutshell, decentralization refers to a product or service that can be accessed by anyone without requiring a third-party intermediary to facilitate transactions. And, in the case of Uniswap – this top-rated project sits at the heart of decentralized trading.

This is because the Uniswap platform – which is built on top of the previously discussed Ethereum blockchain, allows people from all over the world to buy and sell crypto coins in a decentralized manner. This means that there is no longer a requirement to go through a centralized exchange to gain exposure to the digital currency markets.

uniswap - best web3 crypto

And, Uniswap is able to do this via its automated market maker (AMM) ecosystem. This innovative protocol removes traditional order books and instead generates real-time token prices through a number of other key metrics – such as market capitalization and volume. To invest in this Web 3.0 crypto coin – you can buy Uniswap tokens.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. 

12. Basic Attention Token – Top-Rated Web 3.0 Coin Supporting the Future of Digital Marketing 

Another sector that many market commentators believe will be revolutionized by the Web 3.0 ecosystem is digital marketing. In its current form, internet users are inundated with advertisements when browsing their favorite websites – many of which are completely irrelevant to our needs and interests.

Moreover, although marketing agencies pay websites to display their ads, none of this revenue drips down to those that view the respective material. And this is where Basic Attention Token is looking to change the status quo. This top-rated project – through its Brave Browser, allows users to earn crypto coins for viewing ads.

price chart of bat - best web3 crypto

Most importantly, these ads are relevant to the user in question – in terms of products and services that are likely to be of interest. From the perspective of digital marketing agencies, Basic Attention Token ensures that advertising funds are being used appropriately. You can benefit from the growth of Basic Attention Token by purchasing its BAT crypto coin.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. 

13. Decentraland – Best Web 3.0 Coin to Invest in the Metaverse 

The Metaverse is another emerging concept that has grown exponentially in the past year. Put simply, the long-term concept of the Metaverse is to bridge the gap between digital and the real world via virtual reality. At the forefront of this is Decentraland, one of the best metaverse coins, which is home to a hugely popular gaming world that allows users to invest in digital land plots.

These land plots can then be used to build real estate projects – which cover anything from apartments and villas to shopping malls and casinos. Crucially, many real estate projects from within the Decentraland ecosystem have since sold for millions of dollars – which shows that this Web 3.0 ecosystem already has a proof of concept.

decentraland price prediction

MANA – which is the native token of the Decentraland ecosystem, is one of the best Web 3.0 blockchain coins in terms of performance.  When the token was first launched in 2017, CoinMarketCap notes that MANA was trading at just $0.025. Since then, MANA has hit highs of $5.90 – representing gains of over 23,000%.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. 

14. Yearn.finance – Leading Web 3.0 Crypto Project Involved in Decentralized Lending 

A core fundamental of the Web 3.0 ecosystem will focus on financial services. For instance, Bitcoin is still the de-facto crypto coin in terms of market capitalization – with the digital token viewed as both a medium of exchange and a store of value. However, Yearn.finance will also play a role in the future of Web 3.0 for its decentralized lending protocol.

In a nutshell, Yearn.finance allows facilitates loans without jurisdictional restrictions or credit checks in a decentralized manner. This is because users can borrow crypto coins in return for putting up collateral. The individual will then pay interest on the funds borrowed. These loans are funded by investors, which, again, can be anyone that wishes to earn a yield on their idle coins.

yearn.finance is best web3 crypto

For instance, by depositing your digital currencies into the Yearn.finance platform, the funds will be used to facilitate loans. And, in return, you will be paid an APR that traditional banks and financial institutions cannot rival. And, you can invest in this concept by purchasing the YFI token – which now trades at dozens of popular crypto exchanges.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. 

15. Cosmos – Innovative Project That Connects Competing Web 3.0 Crypto Projects Together  

It is all good and well having an abundance of Web 3.0 projects that offer solutions to real-world problems. However, if this marketplace becomes too fragmented, this can hinder the growth of the Web 3.0 ecosystem. This is where Cosmos comes into play – as the innovative project solves the ongoing issue of ‘blockchain interoperability’.

For those unaware, interoperability refers to the ability for different blockchains to connect and communicate with one another, which, ordinarily, would not be possible. For instance, as Bitcoin and Ethereum are independent of one another, there is no way for the two blockchains to share data.

Cosmos to USD Chart

This can, however, be achieved when going through the Cosmos protocol. And as such, all of the best crypto coins in the market – whether that’s Decentraland, Ethereum, Yearn.finance, or Uniswap – can all communicate with each respective blockchain network via Cosmos. The Cosmos project has its own native digital token – ATOM – which you can buy with ease.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. 

16. The Graph – Top Web 3.0 Crypto Coin to Buy for Blockchain Indexing  

Another segment of the Web 3.0 ecosystem that needs to improve is that of data overload. This is because blockchain protocols facilitate a considerable amount of transactions, which, in turn, can result in efficiency issues for the respective network. For example, as more and more Web 3.0 projects are built on top of Ethereum, transaction fees appear to increase.

The good news is that the Graph is already working on this issue with its innovative blockchain indexing tool. Put simply, when blockchains connect to the Graph protocol, their data will automatically be indexed. And as such, this means that irrelevant data will be kept off-chain, which ultimately promotes a faster and more efficient network.

graph price prediction - best web3 crypto

From an investment perspective, you can benefit from the growth of the Graph and its indexing tool by purchasing GRT tokens. After all, any blockchain network that uses the tool will be required to pay fees in GRT, which in turn, can benefit its market value. This top-rated Web 3.0 crypto coin is also one of the cheapest – with the token still trading at well below $1.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. 

17. Tron –  The De-Facto Web 3.0 Crypto Coin for Content Creators   

Tron is a blockchain technology and cryptocurrency project that was created in 2017 by Justin Sun. This China-based project could play a major role in the future of Web 3.0, not least because it puts content back into the hands of its rightful owner – the creator.

That is to say, in its current form, content creators – whether that’s in the form of videos, songs, or articles, are required to go through third parties to market their material. This means giving up a large chunk of any revenue that the respective content generates.

tron price prediction

For instance, when videos are posted on YouTube, the platform will take a sizable percentage of advertising revenue that the content makes. This is where Tron comes in, as the project allows creators to market their content directly with audiences. And as such, most, or even all advertising revenue generated from the content will be paid to the creator.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. 

18. Solana –  Hedge Again Ethereum as the De-Facto Web 3.0 Blockchain    

We mentioned earlier that Ethereum is arguably the overall best Web 3.0 crypto coin to buy, not least because the project dominates the smart contract space as we know it today. However, there is no guarantee that Ethereum will retain its dominance, which is why it is worth hedging your bets into Solana.

In its most basic form, Solana offers all of the same services as its Ethereum counterpart, in terms of decentralized transactions, smart contracts, and support for third-party Web 3.0 DApps. However, in terms of the technology itself, Solana performs considerably better than Ethereum. This covers core metrics such as speed, fees, and scalability.

price history of solana - best web3 crypto

For example, Solana can reportedly handle tens of thousands of transactions per second, while Ethereum is still stuck at approximately 16. And, in turn, because the Ethereum network is constantly overloaded, this means that transaction fees are often unaffordable – especially for small transactions. Solana transactions, however, cost just a tiny fraction of one cent.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product.

19. BNB –  Binance Will Likely Play a Role in the Web 3.0 Ecosystem    

Binance was created in 2017 as a centralized exchange platform. In less than five years, the Binance exchange is now by far the largest of its kind – with over 100 million users and billions of dollars in daily trading volume. With that said, Binance has since entered a number of other crypto-related niches, such as crypto savings accounts, leveraged projects, and its own blockchain.

Regarding the latter, the Binance Smart Chain is often the go-to network for newly launched crypto coins – of which there are now thousands in operation. And, the native digital currency of Binance – BNB, is used to pay transaction fees when users buy and sell crypto coins on its network. Therefore, BNB has real-world value, which is why it is now a multi-billion dollar digital asset.

With that said, Binance time and time again proves that it is the ultimate crypto innovator, with the project releasing new products and services on a regular basis. This is why BNB could be one of the best Web 3.0 crypto coins to buy, as Binance has the financial resources and a proven team of developers to dominate this space in the near future.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product.

Other Upcoming Web3 Tokens

A relatively new Web3 coin recently listed on eToro is Biconomy (BICO) which provides an infrastructure for Web3 developers and businesses to onboard users with low gas fees.

Another crypto that has good momentum moving forward is SafeMoon. This auto-liquidity yielding protocol also has aims to create an NFT exchange as well as crypto educational apps. For more details read our SafeMoon Price Prediction article.

Also popular in 2023 is RadioCaca (RACA) a Web3 games platform (GameFi) and an NFT platform.

What is the Best Crypto to Buy in 2023?   

If you’re searching for Web 3.0 crypto coins to buy because you’re looking for tokens that offer the best upside potential, you might want to take a step back. This is because, in its current form, the Web 3.0 ecosystem is super oversaturated. This is because there is an abundance of Web 3.0 crypto tokens that each target the same market.

And as such, it can be challenging to know which projects will dominate their respective Web 3.0 sector. In the meantime, if you’re wondering which crypto to buy in 2023 for long-term value, it could be worth looking into Fight Out. This project has recently launched, and its central concept is to provide users with an app that tracks all your fitness routines. Through the Fight. Out platform, users can earn rewards by completing their fitness goals and competing in various challenges.

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Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. 

How to Buy Fight Out?   

In the section above, we mentioned that our research team argues that Fight Out is the overall best crypto to buy in 2023 for its upside potential.

If you wish to gain exposure to the project’s decentralized gaming ecosystem, follow the step-by-step walkthrough below to buy FGHT tokens right now.

Step 1: Obtain a Crypto Wallet

The first step is to ensure you have a compatible crypto wallet, such as MetaMask or TrustWallet, which can be downloaded and installed from their official websites.

Step 2: Connect Your Wallet

After setting up a new account on your chosen wallet, visit the $FGHT presale page and click on the “Connect Wallet” button. You will then have the option to select either MetaMask or TrustWallet to connect to the presale page.

Step 3: Fund Your Wallet

In this step, ensure that your wallet has an adequate balance. The presale page will offer multiple funding options for you to choose from, such as adding ETH or USDT to your wallet. If you do not have enough ETH, you can use a service like Transak to acquire the necessary amount.

Step 4: Purchase $FGHT

Buy FGHT Tokens

Once your wallet is funded, click on “Buy FGHT with ETH” / “Buy FGHT with USDT” and enter the quantity of $FGHT tokens you desire to buy in return for ETH/USDT.

Step 5: Receive Your Tokens

After reviewing and approving the transaction fees, the transaction will be authorized. You can claim the $FGHT tokens from the platform’s official claim page once the presale ends.

Visit Fight Out Presale

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. 

What are Web3 Crypto Coins?   

To understand what Web 3.0 crypto coins are, we first need to take a step back and understand the growth of the internet as we know it today. First and foremost, Web 1.0 refers to the initial version of the internet from the 1990s. Think along the lines of a 56k modern connection and extremely slow download times.

Next, Web 2.0 is where we are today, in terms of super-fast connections, 5g data, smartphones, and online streaming. The next generation of the internet will come in the form of Web 3.0. This will take things to the next level, with a strong focus on emerging technologies such as:

  • Blockchain
  • Smart Contracts
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Decentralization
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning

Essentially, the Web 3.0 ecosystem will be formed by all of the above technologies and phenomena. And, if you wish to invest in the broader growth of this industry, you can buy Web 3.0 crypto coins such as those discussed earlier. After all, both digital currencies and blockchain technology will sit at the heart of the Web 3.0 ecosystem.

Are Web3 Coins a Good Investment?   

If you’re still not sure whether Web 3.0 crypto coins are worth buying, you will need to do some more research to make an informed decision.

Some of the key investment benefits that we came across when analyzing the best Web 3.0 crypto coins are discussed below.


One of the main benefits of investing in a collection of the best Web 3.0 crypto coins is that you will be gaining exposure to the world of decentralization.

This is a key concept that was first brought to the market by Bitcoin. In its most basic form, decentralization removes the need for third parties to facilitate transactions.

For example, the internet in its current form relies heavily on service providers that sit between you are your chosen websites. This can be problematic, not least because centralized internet service providers have full control over your access to the World Wide Web.

But, if Web 3.0 can keep things decentralized, website data will instead be stored on multiple servers around the world. This means that access cannot be denied or restricted.

Permissionless and Censorship-Free      

In line with decentralization, the Web 3.0 ecosystem will be permissionless. This means that governments will no longer be able to restrict what websites their citizens can view.

  • For instance, the likes of Google, YouTube, and Facebook are all banned in China – which means that 1.4 billion people cannot access these websites without going through a VPN.
  • This issue is present in a number of other countries – especially when it comes to accessing reliable news stories from international media sources.

Fortunately, as Web 3.0 will be both decentralized and permissionless, this will ensure that the internet can no longer be censored.

Growth Potential     

Another benefit of buying the best 3.0 crypto coins for your portfolio is that the upside potential could be huge. Depending on the project that you decide to invest in, there is every chance that the valuer of your portfolio will grow in correlation to the development of the Web 3.0 ecosystem.

For example, we mentioned earlier that over the prior five years alone, the value of Ethereum has increased by almost 5,000%. And, in the case of Decentraland and its MANA token, its value has increased by over 23,000% since launching in 2017.

best web 3.0 crypto coins to buy on etoro

These are just two examples of many. You should, however, be aware that the Web 3.0 marketplace is oversaturated, so there is no guarantee that you will make money from your chosen crypto coin investments. On the contrary, the risk of loss must be considered.

Easy to Diversify      

Leading on from the above section, one of the best ways to reduce your risk of loss is to diversify across many different Web 3.0. crypto coins.

  • For instance, we noted earlier that Ethereum is the de-facto Web 3.0 blockchain of choice, with some of the hottest projects choosing to build their platform on top of its network.
  • However, you then have Solana, which is fastest, cheaper, and much more scalable than Ethereum.
  • This is also the case with the likes of Cardano and Neo.
  • As such, it could be wise to diversify across several Web 3.0 blockchains.

This sentiment is also the case with Decentraland, insofar that the project is not the only Metaverse platform targeting virtual real estate. After all, the likes of the Sandbox, Axie Infinity, and more others offer a similar concept.

Web 3.0 is Still in its Infancy      

Another benefit of buying the best Web 3 crypto coins is that this industry is still well in its infancy.

This means that you have the chance to invest in the Web 3.0 ecosystem super-early, which in turn, will allow you to buy your chosen crypto coins at a highly favorable entry price.

In comparison, it could be argued that this offers the same opportunity to invest in Amazon or Microsoft in the 1990s (Web 1.0) or even tech stocks like Apple and Facebook in the 2000s  (Web 2.0).

Web 3.0 Crypto Price      

The price of Web 3.0 crypto coins will be determined by market forces – just like traditional stocks and shares from the Web 1.0 and 2.0 spaces. As such, the value of any Web 3.0 crypto coins that you buy will largely depend on demand and supply.

For example, the reason that top-rated Web 3 crypto coin Ethereum has generated returns of over  20,000% since launching in 2015 is that the broader markets believe in the future of this project.

ethereum price chart - best web3 crypto

Therefore, with more buyers than sellers in the market, this has had a hugely positive impact on the price of Ethereum. With that being said, when you consider that the first crypto coin – Bitcoin, was only launched in 2009, this trading space is still in its infancy.

Sure, the wider marketplace is worth over a trillion dollars. But, investments are often made on a speculative basis.  The result of this is that even the best Web 3 crypto coins are highly volatile.

Where to Buy Web 3 Crypto Coins     

etoro reviewIf you already know which Web 3 crypto coins are best suited for your investment portfolio, the next step is to find a suitable exchange or broker to complete your purchase.

Your chosen platform should not only support your Web 3 crypto coin picks but offer low fees and a safe place to trade. We found that overall, eToro is the best place to buy Web 3.0 coins, for the reasons outlined below:

  • eToro supports dozens of leading Web3 crypto coins, so you can easily diversify your portfolio
  • You only need to deposit and risk $10 on each Web3 crypto coin that you buy
  • eToro is regulated by several tier-one licensing bodies – so safety is assured
  • You can deposit US dollars fee-free via a debit/credit card, e-wallet, or bank transfer
  • eToro also offers copy trading services, so you can buy and sell the best Web 3 crypto coins passively

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. No UK or EU investor protection.

If you’re looking to buy Web 3 crypto coins right now – we explain how to complete your investment via eToro in the section below.

How to Buy Web 3.0 Coins on eToro     

In following the simple step-by-step walkthrough below, you will be able to buy your first-ever Web 3 crypto coin in under five minutes from start to finish.

Step 1: Open an eToro Crypto Account 

Visit the eToro website and open a free account. You will see a registration form like in the image below. This will require you to choose a username and password, and enter your name, email address, cell phone number.

etoro review

Next, eToro will ask you to enter some additional personal information. This will include your social security number, residential address, and date of birth. 

Step 2: Upload ID

You can get your newly created eToro account verified in less than 60 seconds by uploading a copy of your government-issued document and proof of address – such as a bank statement.

Step 3: Deposit Funds

Next, eToro will give you the opportunity to deposit some capital into your account. In the ‘Amount’ box, specify how much you wish to deposit. The minimum deposit at eToro for both US and UK clients is just $10.

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Choose from an e-wallet like Paypal or Neteller, a debit/credit card, ACH, online banking, and more. All supported payment methods are fee-free when funding your account in US dollars.

Step 4: Search for Web 3.0 Crypto Coin

Next, use the search box at the top of the page to find the Web 3.0 crypto coin that you want to buy today.

how to buy ethereum at etoro

In our example above, we are searching for Ethereum. Click on the ‘Trade’ button to proceed.

Step 5: Buy Web 3.0 Crypto Coins 

When you see an order box appear, you will need to enter your total investment stake. As noted earlier, you only need to invest $10 into your chosen Web 3.0 crypto coin, so you keep risk to a minimum.

how to buy ethereum at etoro

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. 

To place your order, click on the ‘Open Trade’ button.


In summary, Web 3.0 crypto coins could potentially play a major role in the future of the internet. However, in its current form, the Web 3.0 ecosystem is fragmented – so it might be worth holding back until we have a clearer idea of how this space will progress in the coming years.

With these points in mind, it becomes vital to identify a project in its early stage with untapped potential. One such project is Fight Out. The upcoming crypto move-to-arn platform focuses on rewarding users who work towards their fitness goals. Currently on presale, FGHT, the native token, can be purchased for $0.02368.

Fight Out - Next Big Train-to-Earn Crypto

Our Rating

Fightout token
  • Backed by LBank Labs, Transak
  • Earn Rewards for Working Out
  • Level Up and Compete in the Metaverse
  • Presale Live Now - $5M Raised
  • Real-World Community, Gym Chain
Fightout token

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