The fusion of artificial intelligence (AI) and cryptocurrency may be one of the most exciting developments in technology and finance, making the best AI crypto projects a key area of interest. AI’s potential to revolutionize various sectors, including business, technology, and finance, is immense.

In this article, we’ll focus on the top AI tokens of this year. We’ll include a detailed review of all of them, as well as explain how these projects work and whether they’re worth the hype.

Best AI Crypto to Invest In: 6 Picks

  1. WienerAI ($WAI) — A brand new meme coin merging AI and blockchain to become the ‘top dog’ in the crypto world
  2. Base Dawgz – The New Crypto With a Hot Presale and Social Rewards
  3. eTukTuk ($TUK) — An AI-powered BEP-20 token that promotes green transportation through its P2E game
  4. KAI ($KAI) — Revolutional AI technology merged with cat-themed cryptocurrency
  5. Render Token ($RNDR) — Utility token that enables its holders to pay for rendering services
  6. The Graph ($GRT) — Decentralized protocol that facilitates data exchange between apps and blockchain

What Is AI Crypto?

AI crypto is a relatively new category of crypto projects focused on merging AI and blockchain technologies. The best AI crypto projects take a wide range of approaches, from incorporating AI directly into blockchain validation mechanisms to enabling AI-as-a-service marketplaces for dApp developers.

What all the best AI cryptos have in common is that they advance the use of AI for cryptocurrencies, blockchain applications, and the best Web 3.0 projects.

What AI Crypto to Buy?

Want to know more about the best artificial intelligence cryptocurrency? We’ll take a closer look at our AI crypto list, where we explain what makes them stand out.

1. WienerAI — A Brand New Meme Coin Merging AI and Blockchain to Become the ‘Top Dog’ in the Crypto World

best ai crypto - wienerai

WienerAI has the potential to become the best crypto AI project of 2024. It is a one-of-a-kind blend of AI and a dog-themed meme coin that aims to leverage AI’s innovative technology and reach the highs of Dogecoin and Bonk.

This coin is trying to dominate the decentralized world and gather a big community. It is doing this by rewarding all presale buyers with high staking rewards and a low token price. However, early investment is recommended since, as the presale continues, the price of the coin will increase while the rewards percentage will decrease.

One thing that makes this coin stand out is its continued use of AI technology. Actually, it markets itself as an infinitely upgradable coin that aims to always be at the cutting edge of AI technological advancements.

$WAI has raised over %56m so far and has the potential to become the best AI crypto for the long run.

2. Base Dawgz – The New Crypto With a Hot Presale and Social Rewards

best ai crypto base dawgz

If you crave adventure and innovation in crypto AI projects, check out Base Dawgz ($DAWGZ). The coin operates on the Base network and aims to expand to other ecosystems such as Avalanche, BNB Chain, Solana, Polygon, and Ethereum, becoming multichain.

Another interesting feature is the share-to-earn utility. Base Dawgz enables users to earn points if they engage in its Be Social for Airdrop campaign. What users should do is share $DAWGZ-related content, collect points, and then swap those points for real tokens. 

Base Dawgz is having one of the hottest presales this year. During the presale, investors can start buying tokens at a great price—currently at its lowest—$0.00479. The $DAWGZ price will increase every five days by 5%, and it is predicted to reach $0.0144 by the end of 2024.

Base Dawgz uses cutting-edge technologies: Wormhole and Portal Bridge. Moreover, it strongly emphasizes security, with smart contracts subjected to strict audits. 

3. eTukTuk — Earn $TUK tokens by transporting passengers from one location to another in eTuk Tuk’s thrilling P2E game

best ai crypto - etuktuk

eTukTuk is a promising new AI crypto project that aims to provide an eco-friendly solution to transportation in developing countries. How? By using the power of AI to reduce traffic and fuel consumption.

To promote this mission, its developers created a P2E game through which players will be able to earn $TUK tokens. This mobile game will put them in the role of eTukTuk drivers who will transport passengers through the busy streets of Sri Lanka. The faster they manage to transport passengers from one location to another, the more $TUK tokens they’ll earn. These tokens will also serve as in-game currency, which means that players will be able to use them to buy upgrades and unlock new locations.

This project is currently in its presale phase, during which it raised over $3.4M. You can buy this AI-powered token for $0.0325 (at the time of writing), while its listing price could reach $0.075.

4. KAI ($KAI) — Revolutional AI Technology Merged With Cat-Themed Cryptocurrency

best ai crypto - kai cat token

KAI Cat is an AI-powered ERC-20 token that aims to establish a new order in the meme coin world. Its main mission is to dethrone dog-based coins. How do they plan to accomplish that? Through a strategic three-phased roadmap that most AI blockchain projects are expected to disclose.

The first stage will be dedicated to presale and marketing. KAI’s developers will allocate 20% of their total token supply towards the presale, which will take place in several phases. During each next phase, the price of the $KAI token will gradually increase. At the time of writing, its price stands at $0.0041836 per token.

The second stage will be dedicated to crypto exchange listings and community challenges and events, while during the third stage, KAI Cat will try to become a leader among meme coins. Early investors will also be able to stake their tokens for annual returns, which currently amount to 58,820%.

In addition, 15% of KAI’s total token supply will be distributed for staking and liquidity, while 25% will go towards community rewards. This approach will further increase KAI’s user base and presence on the crypto market once it gets listed.

5. Render Token (RNDR) — Utility Token That Enables Its Holders to Pay for Rendering Services

best ai crypto - render

Next on our AI crypto list is $RNDR, a native token of the Render network. This network provides 3D rendering services via a decentralized GPU processing model, allowing its users to rent their idle GPU power. The main goal of this project is to offer GPU-focused rendering solutions for 3D graphics, from gaming to NFT art and metaverse development.

That said, the $RNDR token is used to pay for rendering services within the network. Moreover, everyone who rents their GPU power will be rewarded with $RNDR tokens, while creators will be able to monetize their 3D projects. The $RNDR token has a maximum supply of 536,870,912, and there are currently 388.6M tokens in circulation.

This token operated on the Ethereum network until 2023 when it transitioned to Solana. This made $RNDR one of the best AI crypto coins on Solana since it enabled faster and cheaper transactions.

Its current price is $9.95 per token, and its market cap is $3.97B. However, its value could reach $19.81 by the end of 2024, making it the most promising AI crypto in the market.

6. The Graph (GRT) — Decentralized Protocol That Facilitates Data Exchange Between Apps and Blockchains

best ai crypto - the graph

If you’re looking for top AI crypto projects that act like Google, opt for Graph. This decentralized platform collects and stores data like Google. Its goal is to facilitate data exchange between apps and blockchains. Graph is also one of the first querying software.

What makes Graph one of the best crypto AI projects? Its feature is called Subgraphs. Subgraphs are open APIs that enable developers to use blockchain data in a cryptographic way. They can also store all public information from Web2 and Web3 to make it accessible to everyone.

Graph’s native token is $GRT. Investors can use this token to pay for services within and outside Graph’s ecosystem. The $GRT token has one of the largest supplies within the AI industry. Its total supply stands at 10,799,004,319, while 9.5 billion tokens are currently in circulation.

At the time of writing, the price of this ERC-20 token is $0.320311, while its market cap stands at $3.15B. However, crypto analysts believe that by the end of 2030, its value could hit the $1 mark.

How Do AI Cryptos Work?

Every AI cryptocurrency is a little bit different because of the broad nature of this category. Some AI cryptos are focused on creating a marketplace for buying and selling AI algorithms, while others use AI for specific applications like parsing big data on the blockchain and making predictions. In the future, we also expect to see AI multiverse crypto projects that use AI to create more dynamic experiences in virtual worlds.

One thing to keep in mind is that AI is highly flexible, so AI crypto platforms can cater to a wide range of potential uses.

For example, Fetch enables the creation of autonomous economic agents for everything from trading cryptocurrency to booking hotel rooms. It’s up to dApp developers to decide how they want to use specific artificial intelligence crypto coins.

Generally speaking, the best AI coins work much like any other type of cryptocurrency. Many also offer top crypto staking coins, enabling investors to earn simply by holding onto their tokens.

Are AI Cryptos a Good Investment?

AI is a rapidly growing field with a lot of potential, especially when combined with blockchain technology. Cortex states that its market for AI algorithms could be worth as much as $1 trillion in the future.

Investors should take claims like this with a grain of salt, but there is likely to be a large market for AI technology in cryptocurrency, a knock-on effect from the huge interest in the space. The best AI crypto coins are the talk of the town, even seen as the next big crypto narrative and a catalyst for a new bull run.

When evaluating cryptocurrency AI projects, investors need to consider whether the project is likely to succeed and whether the token being offered is a top long-term crypto investment.

Projects should have a strong development team — for top AI crypto projects, that typically means developers with a background in AI and big data management. In addition, there should be a clear need for the solutions that an AI project offers.

Overall, the best AI crypto projects have a lot of potential. AI is likely to play a role in the future direction of the cryptocurrency ecosystem, and the projects we highlighted could be important in driving AI development on the blockchain forward.


The combo of AI and crypto is definitely changing things up. Our list of the best AI crypto projects is designed to help you navigate this innovative landscape a little easier. While every project has its own pros and cons, WienerAI stands out, setting a new standard in the industry.


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