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Decentral Games’ ICE Poker is making strides to try to ameliorate the issue of inflation. Inflation is a problem for a lot of alt coins, as their emission schedules are often malleable and they often have no fixed supply.

In the case of ICE Poker, the value of the token has fallen 96.1% from peak to trough and some people believe that this is because of the high rates of inflation in the project.

Inflation is a feature of every play to earn ecosystem, since new tokens need to be rewarded to those who play the game from somewhere. All tokenomics in play to earn games have some degree of inflation in order to cater for their rewards system.

However, in the case of Decentral Games’ ICE, the inflation has truly been quite extraordinary.  According to Messari, the supply of ICE inflated by 49% QoQ in Q2, which seems unsustainable.

Decentral Games have decided that they need a gameplan in order to rectify this issue, to protect the token price, and to therefore protect the project. From now on, all NFT mints on the platform will be priced in ICE rather than ETH, in an effort to ensure that there is always sustainable demand for the token.

Tamadoge’s deflationary stance

Tamadoge is a play to earn ecosystem that recognises the perfidious effects of inflation on token price.  Unlike ICE, the Tamadoge team have not developed tokenomics that are so unsustainably inflationary. In fact, when Tamadoge lists on Pancakeswap after having completed their beta sale and pre sale, 70% of the total supply will already be circulating.

As per the white paper, the remaining 30% of tokens are to be unlocked linearly over the course of 10 years, meaning that the inflation rate is only in the low single digits, and gradually declines to zero at the end of 10 years.

However, Tamadoge hopes to offset this by burning tokens regularly, and using tokens that are spent in the store for the P2E prize pool.

Every purchase it made in the store must be made using Tamadoge Token, and 5% of every purchase made this way is immediately burned, which adds deflationary pressure. 30% of revenue from the shop will be used to develop the project, and the remaining 65% will be used to fund the P2E rewards pool.

P2E rewards are to be distributed to those players who are at the top of the leaderboard in each epoch, but there will also be other ways that people can earn Tamadoge by playing the game, which will be further expounded upon as the project develops.

One can hope that Decentral Games are able to rectify their inflation problem, but for those speculators who would appreciate more certainty from dilution, it may be worth looking into Tamadoge.

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