Crypto trading is becoming more popular in Thailand and is legal – BTS skytrain stations in Bangkok even display adverts for local Thai crypto exchanges, as do billboards across the land of smiles. To buy and trade crypto in Thailand, you’ll first need to open an exchange account.

This guide compares the best crypto exchanges in Thailand on supported coins, fees, security, safety, and more. As well as Thai exchanges, international exchanges also accept Thai based investors.

The Best Crypto Exchanges in Thailand for 2022

For a quick overview of the best crypto exchanges in Thailand – here’s a list of top-rated platforms:

  • eToro – Overall Best Crypto Exchange Thailand Residents Can Use
  • – Trade Over 250+ Crypto Assets With Low Fees
  • Coinbase – Simple Crypto Exchange for Beginners  
  • Binance – Popular Crypto Exchange With Over 600+ Supported Coins
  • Bitkub – Thailand-Based Crypto Exchange With Competitive Commissions
  • Zipmex – User-Friendly Crypto App for iOS and Android
  • Satang – Crypto Trading Platform for Thai Traders

The above crypto exchanges will differ when it comes to fees, markets, security, and other important factors. As such, we would suggest reading through our exchange reviews – which can be found in the sections below.

The Top Bitcoin Exchanges in Thailand Reviewed

Choosing the best Bitcoin exchange in Thailand is no easy feat considering the number of platforms active in this space.

The top crypto platforms to consider are those that offer competitive commissions and a wide variety of supported markets. It is also wise to explore how safe the crypto exchange is in terms of security and client protection.

Below, we review the overall best Thailand crypto exchanges to consider.

1. eToro – Overall Best Crypto Exchange in Thailand

etoro logoThe best crypto exchange in Thailand right now is eToro. This platform offers a safe and low-cost way to trade crypto online or via the eToro mobile app for iOS and Android. eToro offers access to dozens of crypto markets – covering everything from Bitcoin and Shiba Inu to Cardano and Ethereum.

When it comes to fees, eToro charges a standard commission of 1% above the market spread. The minimum trade requirement here is just $10 – or about 350 baht. The minimum deposit amount for first-time customers from Thailand is just $50 – or about 1,750 baht.

Many payment methods are supported by eToro. This is inclusive of Visa, MasterCard, Neteller, Paypal, bank wires, and more. When funding an account in a payment method that is denominated in baht, an FX fee of 0.5% will apply. This is because eToro will convert baht into US dollars – which is the currency that crypto is typically traded in.

etoro review

eToro also offers commission-free stocks and ETFs. CFD markets on commodities, indices, and forex are also supported. For those wishing to trade passively, eToro offers a Copy Trading tool. This allows eToro clients to copy the trades of successful investors like-for-like. The minimum investment when using the Copy Trading feature is just $200 – or about 6,800 baht.

Another popular tool offered by eToro is its Smart Portfolios. These are professionally-managed baskets of assets that track the crypto markets. eToro automatically rebalances its Smart Portfolios to ensure they remain in line with wider market conditions. The minimum investment when using the Smart Portfolio tool is $500 – or about 17,000 baht.

eToro app

In terms of storing crypto, eToro offers a web wallet. This is a custodial wallet, so there is no requirement to manage private keys. This is a very convenient and safe way of storing crypto – as it allows clients to cash out at the click of a button – rather than needing to transfer the tokens from an external location.

Another safety tool to consider when using eToro is that the platform is regulated by the FCA, SEC, ASIC, and CySEC. The exchange is also used by more than 25 million clients, which illustrates just how popular it is. Finally, for those that wish to practice trading crypto, eToro offers a free demo account that comes with $100,000 in pre-loaded funds.

Number of Cryptos 70+
Debit Card Fee 0.5%
Fee to Trade Crypto 1% above the market spread
Minimum Deposit $50 for Thai traders


  • Regulated by multiple financial bodies
  • Low trading fees and a minimum deposit of just $10
  • 70+ leading crypto coins supported
  • Copy trading tool allows you to invest passively
  • Top mobile app for iOS and Android
  • Also supports stocks, ETFs, forex, and commodities

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. No UK or EU investor protection.

2. – Trade Over 250+ Crypto Assets With Low Fees is another top-rated crypto exchange in Thailand to consider using. This platform allows clients to deposit funds instantly with a credit or debit card. The fee charged by the exchange when using this payment method is just 2.99%. This amounts to 299 baht for every 10,000 baht traded.

Although the credit/debit card fee charged by is higher than eToro, this exchange offers more than 250 different tokens. This covers a wide variety of projects – many of which are still up-and-coming with a small market capitalization. Moreover, offers very competitive trading fees.

This starts at 0.4% per trade but this will be reduced if you hit certain trading targets within a 30-day period. In purchasing and staking the token – CRO, further discounts are offered. Another reason why is one of the top crypto exchanges in Thailand is that the platform offers interest accounts.

This allows clients of the platform to earn an APY of up to 10% on stablecoins. An APY of up to 14.5% can be earned on standard cryptocurrencies. There are three terms to choose from when using a interest account – flexible, 1-month, and 3-month. The longer the term, the higher than APY that can be earned.

Some clients in Thailand will also use to obtain an instant loan. This requires no credit check or documentation. Instead, it is just a case of providing some crypto tokens as collateral. For those wishing to get involved with non-fungible tokens, offers a popular NFT marketplace that doesn’t charge buyers any commission.

With that said, in order to buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with Thai baht – this needs to be completed via the app. This app is very user-friendly and it can be downloaded onto an iOS or Android smartphone for free. The app offers many of the same services as found on its main website.

Number of Cryptos 250+
Debit Card Fee 2.99%
Fee to Trade Crypto Up to 0.4%
Minimum Deposit $20


  • More than 250 coins supported
  • Never pay more than 0.4% to trade
  • Supports debit and credit card payments
  • Crypto interest accounts with high yields
  • Crypto loans and NFT marketplace
  • User-friendly mobile app

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product.

3. Coinbase – Simple Crypto Exchange for Beginners

coinbase logo

Coinbase is one of the best Thailand crypto exchanges for beginners. This platform offers in the region of 150 supported coins – which is great for those that wish to diversify. Although Coinbase is very simple to use – even for newbies, this platform is very expensive in the fee department.

As a prime example, Coinbase charges a standard trading commission of 1.49%. This will be charged every time a buy or sell order is placed. Moreover, when buying crypto with a Visa or MasterCard via the Coinbase exchange, a fee of 3.99% will be charged. For crypto orders under $200, a more expensive, flat fee will be charged.

On the flip side, Coinbase supports small minimum investments that start from just $2. Furthermore, Coinbase requires all clients to set up two-factor authentication, which offers a great layer of security on accounts. We also like that Coinbase is a public company with more than 98 million clients on its books.

coinbase platform screenshot

The Coinbase web wallet is also safe, with 98% of client digital assets being kept offline at all times in cold storage. The other storage option offered by Coinbase is its DeFi wallet. This offers the chance to retain full control over private keys. Coinbase also offers staking services. This allows clients to earn an APY on idle digital tokens while they are locked away.

With that said, yields when staking on Coinbase are very low in comparison to Coinbase also falls short when it comes to advanced trading tools. In order to access technical indicators and high-level charts, it is worth heading over to Coinbase Pro. This is the sister exchange of Coinbase that offers more markets, lower fees, and better trading features.

Number of Cryptos 150+
Debit Card Fee 3.99%
Fee to Trade Crypto 1.49%
Minimum Deposit $50 is recommended


  • Global crypto exchange that is regulated by the SEC
  • 150+ coins supported
  • Very user-friendly
  • Small investment minimums supported

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product.

4. Binance – Popular Crypto Exchange With Over 600+ Supported Coins   

binance logo

Binance is one of the best Thailand crypto exchanges for advanced traders that seek access to a large library of supported markets and high liquidity levels. At Binance, clients will have access to more than 600+ coins and over 1,000+ markets. The Binance exchange typically facilitates over $10 billion in daily trading volume.

Furthermore, Binance is home to over 100 million clients. When it comes to tools, Binance offers advanced trading orders, real-time charts that can be customized, and dozens of technical indicators. It is also possible to access derivative markets at Binance. This is inclusive of futures and options, as well as leveraged spot tokens.

In terms of fees, Binance does not charge anything for depositing funds in crypto. Debit/credit card deposits will attract an average fee of 2%, albeit, this won’t be displayed until an order is set up. Trading commissions at Binance amount to 0.10%. There is also the opportunity to reduce this commission by 25% when holding and staking BNB tokens.

Outside of its exchange, Binance also offers a web and mobile wallet. Both of these options are custodial wallets, which means that Binance will safeguard client funds. Two-factor authentication via email and/or SMS is mandatory on this platform. There is also the Safe Asset Fund for Users (SAFU). This is a reserve fund to protect clients from a potential hack.

Another option when it comes to storage is to download the Trust Wallet app for iOS or Android. This is a non-custodial wallet backed by Binance that offers clients full control over their private keys. Another reason why we like Binance as one of the best Thailand crypto exchanges is that it offers interest accounts, staking, and yield farming.

All three of these DeFi products allow clients to earn interest on their crypto holdings. The specific interest rate will depend on the product and how long the tokens are locked up for – if at all. Finally, Binance also gets the green light when it comes to its ever-growing NFT marketplace – which offers thousands of collections at a variety of prices.

Number of Cryptos 600+
Debit Card Fee Depends on the payment processor
Fee to Trade Bitcoin 0.1% standard commission
Minimum Deposit Varies depending on the payment type


  • Standard commission of just 0.10%
  • Huge collection of crypto markets
  • Offers NFTs & staking
  • No account management fees
  • One of the biggest crypto exchanges globally

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product.

5. Bitkub – Thailand-Based Crypto Exchange With Competitive Commissions

bitkub review

Bitkub is based in Thailand and it claims to offer some of the largest trading volumes in the domestic marketplace. This popular platform offers competitive trading commissions of 0.25% per trade.

The easiest way to deposit funds is via a local bank transfer if you have a Kasikorn account, or SCB, Krungthai and so on. This can take anywhere from minutes to 24 hours – depending on the bank being used.

bitkub review

Nonetheless, no fees apply on deposits. Withdrawals are usually very fast, hitting your local Thai bank account in minutes.

Bitkub is perhaps best suited for traders that only wish to buy and sell crypto – rather than engaging with DeFi products like interest accounts or yield farming.

Bitkub offers a mobile app for iOS and Android. This allows you to trade crypto on your mobile phone. There is a live chat facility that allows you to speak with a Bitkub agent in real-time.

Number of Cryptos 65+
Debit Card Fee Not supported
Fee to Trade Bitcoin 0.25% standard commission
Minimum Deposit Not stated


  • Largest crypto exchange in Thailand
  • Competitive trading commission of 0.25%
  • Supports local bank transfers

6. Zipmex – User-Friendly Crypto App for iOS and Android

zipmex review

Zipmex – which is based in Singapore and serves the wider South East Asian area, offers one of the best crypto exchange apps in the market.

Available for both iOS and Android, the app gives you access to a huge number of crypto markets – most of which are traded against the Singaporean or US dollar.

zipmex review

Zipmex is also a good option for those seeking low trading fees. This stands at just 0.20% for every buy and sell order placed. With that said, lower commissions are offered when clients stake ZMT. This is the crypto asset that backs the Zipmex exchange.

Both the main Zipmex trading platform and mobile app come with a range of tools that can help you predict the markets. This is inclusive of customizable charts and technical indicators, as well as limit, take-profit, and stop-loss orders.

Number of Cryptos 255 markets
Debit Card Fee Not supported
Fee to Trade Bitcoin Up to 0.2%
Minimum Deposit Not stated


  • Largest crypto exchange in Thailand
  • Competitive trading commission of 0.25%
  • Supports local bank transfers

7. Satang – Crypto Trading Platform for Thai Traders   

satong review

Satang is another crypto exchange that is based in Thailand. This platform offers access to 30+ cryptocurrencies – with markets covering everything from BUSD and TRON to Ethereum and Algorand.

The Satang trading platform can be accessed online or via the mobile app. The latter is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

satong review

When it comes to fees, Satang offers a maker/taker pricing structure. The highest fee payable is 0.25% and this goes down to as low as 0.12%.

Satang also offers a regulatory updated blog that covers a weekly market summary and general guides on how to trade crypto.

Number of Cryptos 30+
Debit Card Fee Not supported
Fee to Trade Bitcoin Up to 0.25%
Minimum Deposit Not stated


  • Based in Thailand
  • Maximum trading fee of 0.25%
  • 30+ coins supported
  • Great mobile app

The Top Bitcoin Exchanges in Thailand Reviewed

The best Bitcoin exchanges in Thailand that we reviewed above offer a variety of different markets and fees. For a quick comparison, check out the table below.

Crypto Exchange Number of Coins Fee for Buying Bitcoin Debit Card Fee
eToro 70+ 1% plus the market spread 0.50% for non-USD 250+ Up to 0.4% 2.99%
Coinbase 150+ 1.49% standard commission 3.99%
Binance 600+ Up to 0.10% per trade
Depends on the payment provider
Bitkub 65+ 0.25% standard commission Not supported
Zipmex 255+ markets Up to 0.2% Not supported
Satang 30+ Up to 0.25% Not supported

How to Choose the Best Thailand Cryptocurrency Exchange for You

When searching for the best exchange in Thailand, there are a number of important factors to look for before opening an account.

We discuss this in more detail in the sections below:


It is important to choose an exchange that is regulated and approved by a reputable financial authority.

eToro is regulated by bodies in the UK, US, Australia, and Cyprus – which is one of the core reasons that it is the overall best Bitcoin exchange in Thailand. and Coinbase are both heavily regulated too.

Tradable Cryptos

It is best to choose a crypto exchange that offers a wide selection of support coins and markets. stands out here, as the exchange offers access to more than 250 coins.

At the other end of the scale, Satang only allows you to buy and sell just over 30 coins.

Sign-Up Offers

A number of popular crypto exchanges offer sign-up bonuses for new customers. The typical requirement is that clients will need to buy a minimum amount of coins within a certain timeframe.

And in doing so, the client will be offered an allocation of free coins.


Be sure to check what fees apply when choosing an exchange. Trading commissions will vary from one exchange to the next. Coinbase charges 1.49% for each trade placed while at the commission stands at just 0.40%.

Tools & Features

We found that eToro offers some great trading tools. The Copy Trading feature allows clients to mirror the positions of an experienced investor.

There are also Smart Portfolios, which consist of pre-made baskets of cryptocurrencies. Advanced traders will want to look for more sophisticated tools – such as customizable charts and technical indicators.

Payment Methods

Consider choosing a crypto exchange that supports a variety of payment methods. At eToro and, clients can buy digital currencies with Visa or MasterCard. eToro also supports e-wallets and local bank transfers.

Customer Service

The best Thailand crypto exchanges that we came across offer top-notch customer service across a live chat feature. Other popular contact methods offered by exchanges include telephone support and email.

How to Use a Thai Crypto Exchange

To get started with the best Bitcoin exchange in Thailand right now – eToro, follow the simple step-by-step guide below.

Step 1: Open an eToro Crypto Account 

Step 1 is to open an eToro account by providing the exchange with some personal information – such as your name, email nationality, and email address.

etoro review

Clients will need to verify their mobile number and email address. Next, eToro will ask some questions about your prior investment experience.

Step 2: Upload ID

To get verified, upload a clear copy of a passport or driver’s license. For proof of residency, upload a copy of a bank statement or utility bill.

Step 3: Deposit Funds

The minimum deposit at eToro is $50 for Thai clients. Supported payment methods at this exchange are plentiful and include a debit/credit card, e-wallet, or bank transfer.

etoro review

There is a deposit fee of 0.5% charged by eToro.

Step 4: Search for Crypto

Click on the ‘Discover’ button from the left-hand dashboard. Then, click on ‘Crypto’. This will display the available crypto markets that are supported by eToro.

buy bitcoin etoro

The other option is to use the search bar. In our example above, we are searching for Bitcoin. Click ‘Trade’ to load an order form.

Step 5: Buy Crypto

The final step is to set up an order by entering the total investment stake. At eToro, the minimum crypto investment is just $10.

buy bitcoin etoro

To complete the investment, click on ‘Open Trade’.


This guide has reviewed and ranked the overall best crypto exchanges in Thailand. We found that in terms of low fees, supported markets, security, and regulation – eToro is well worth considering.

This popular exchange is used by over 25 million clients and it charges just 0.5% on instant debit/credit card and e-wallet deposits. Moreover, the eToro website and mobile app are very user-friendly – so the exchange is suitable for all skill levels.

etoro logo

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product.


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