Social media B2B marketing is slowly becoming pigeonholed to the three largest platforms: LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. And while 94%, 87% and 84% of marketers use these outlets respectively, many forget that video marketing facilitated by YouTube is a strong way to reach customers and is very much a part of the social media universe. In fact, YouTube is the fourth most-used social site, with 74% of marketers using it in some form.

Video marketing is growing in popularity because of its nearly instant engagement, its concise format for telling stories and its powerful voice when shared. Just as your Twitter followers and Facebook “likes” are important to growing your social marketing efforts, YouTube is more than views and shares. Subscribers are the ideal way to demonstrate interest and particularly loyalty. When a customer subscribes to your channel, they are indicating they care about what you have to say and want to know more. While the key to growing your subscriber base is producing and publishing compelling content with some consistency, there are a simple few ways you can get more subscribers without changing your whole video marketing strategy.

Change the URL

Often the reason people don’t subscribe to your page is because the process isn’t highly visible. Adding this code, ?sub_confirmation=1, to the end of your page URL creates a pop-up to change that. For example, the Okopost page goes from this:

to this:

This brings the small subscribe button from the top right-hand corner to front and center when a visitor opens the page. The pop-up prompts the visitor to subscribe to the page before exploring the viewable content. If you add this to your account page link that you share across your channels, you’ll see an increase in subscribers. Some experts say you’ll even see a 400% jump.

Share, share, share

To make your customers aware of your YouTube page and the opportunity to subscribe, you need to share the videos you are creating. This action is also beneficial for your other channels as social videos generate 1,200% more shares than text and images combined!

Be sure to include the link to your now subscriber-friendly account page and all individual video links in your Tweets, embedded in your LinkedIn posts, on Facebook and in your newsletter. A native video will hook the viewer, but the link will direct them to the YouTube page to discover more. Publishing social content can get monotonous, so having video as an option can really spice up yours and your customers’ social feeds.

The Art of the “How to”

The amount of searches including the phrase “how to” goes up 70% year over year. If you know that’s what your customers are searching for, you can use SEO strategy to tailor and title your video marketing materials to that simple, but effective expression. Trying to integrate a how-to angle into each video also informs your narrative strategy and guides what message you want to disseminate.

Video marketing is the future of reaching customers on their terms in an engaging format. YouTube is a good place to start if you are prepared to generate videos and collect subscribers with the following tactics. Beyond URL tricks and sharing the existence of your page, the key to a successful strategy is high-quality, informative and fun videos for customer consumption.