Youtube Go

For many of us, it’s fun (and mostly entertaining) to watch videos on YouTube on your mobile phone. But it can also be expensive as it uses much data.

If you want to save your data plan, there’s a way for you to watch YouTube videos offline through a service called YouTube Go, which has been expanded to 130 countries.

YouTube Go was first launched in India in September last year.

For Slow Network Connections

Google launched YouTube Go in India to tackle slower network connections in that country and is part of the company’s Next Billion program, which aims to connect the next billion Indian citizens to the Web.

As envisioned by Google, YouTube Go is meant to make it easier for users to watch videos on slow networks and the Android app also allows users to share videos with other people.

Google told Mashable India during the launching that YouTube Go uses Wi-Fi Direct protocol to exchange files.


YouTube Go lets users to “more control over how and when their data is used,” according to a Mashable article.

A user can have a preview of a video before watching the entire clip, and if a user decides to view the full video, he or she can choose how much data to use at any given time.

A user can also download and save a chosen clip to watch later.

Meanwhile, YouTube chief executive Susan Wojcicki announced that the company plans to increase transparency and tighten enforcement of rules following “multiple creator controversies” last year.

What’s Next?

YouTube Go – a data-saving service – has been expanded to 130 countries to allow users to watch videos offline.

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