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How To Use YouTube To Grow Your Business

YouTube has over a billion unique viewers every month. It’s also a tremendously popular search engine that individuals go to for interesting, informative and entertaining content every day. As the owner of a local business you certainly realize the importance of your online presence. YouTube offers you a powerful platform to increase your online reach and create new customers.


Here are some of the highlights of what sets YouTube apart as a powerful marketing tool for your company:

  • YouTube is one of the most popular websites on the Internet. Along with over a billion unique views per month, videos receive billions of videos every day.
  • YouTube Mobile currently gets at least 400 million views per day. These figures are only expected to grow as more people start using smartphones and mobile tablets.
  • Well over 100 million viewers perform a social action each week on YouTube. For example, leaving comments, liking vides and sharing on their social profiles.
  • Establishing your brand name and authority are important to your business, and YouTube can be a powerful vehicle for your cause.
  • YouTube helps you share ads, digital campaigns and other marketing videos online, free of charge.
  • YouTube can help you get immediate feedback on your products and services. You can encourage feedback by prompting people in your video or sharing on existing social media.
  • Google AdWords for video will let you boost your video views even more. You can target specific demographics, geography and other factors to narrow your target audience.
  • YouTube helps you tune the SEO of each video with unique titles, descriptions and keywords.
  • With YouTube, you can easily embed your videos on your own website. This can dramatically improve the number of views as well as making it dead simple to utilize video on your business website.
  • Millions of videos get shared on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks every single day.
  • YouTube has been the #1 mobile video website for several years. Mobile users can easily view and engage with videos where traditional content could be more difficult. And mobile users are predominantly the ones sharing and linking content that can benefit your social media campaign.

Considering the size of YouTube’s audience and its effect on search engine rankings, it can’t be ignored by business owners. Leveraging video as another way to communicate with your customers and strengthen your brand can be accomplished easily with YouTube.