Ranking YouTube videos is a relatively straightforward process, but there are definitely some things most people don’t do that can be very beneficial for rankings. I wanted to run through a few tips I have that can help you rank videos more easily.

File Name

Make sure you name the file of your video the exact keyword you want to rank for.

Video File Properties

If you right click on the file of your video, then hit properties and then details, you can add a bunch of meta data to your file. I would put in your keywords in some of the fields, like the tags, title, and comments section. Google reads this data, so it’s another way to tell Google what the video is all about.

YouTube Tags

You should make use of the tags on YouTube. If YouTube suggests a tag that is relevant to your video, definitely select it. Those are special tags that will give you a bit of a boost in addition to a normal tag.

ranking youtube videos


A lot of people don’t realize how important engagement is to rank YouTube videos. If no one ever watches the video, why would Google want to rank the video? Google understands very well if people like a video or not. If no one watches the video, or people only watch the first 10 seconds of the video and stop, there will be no good reason for Google to want to rank the video well. You can pay people to search for your video, watch the entire thing, add it to their favorites, “like” it, etc. Doing that will provide proof to Google of good engagement and you will get a boost in the rankings as a result.

Social Signals

Getting social signals definitely provides a good boost to the rankings of videos. Try to get as many as you can and you’ll definitely improve your rankings.

These are just a few basic tips. Normal link building of course will also help you rank. You will need way fewer links though if you follow this basic advice.