YouTube is designed with a number of helpful features added in that can optimize the effectiveness of your videos, with the end results being more views, subscribers and conversions. YouTube is also packed with a lot of little known features that can boost the results of your marketing efforts, making your experience on the site more user friendly and enjoyable. Following are a few little known YouTube hacks, features and tips you definitely need to know about.


Create Written Transcript
Editing or uploading a transcript in YouTube will help your video show up in search and get noticed. Both Google (YouTube’s parent company) and YouTube look at several factors when they rank videos in order to identify what the video is about. The transcript you use is one of their determining factors. YouTube automatically produces a written transcript for videos posted on the site, but you can modify the transcripts to make them more search friendly. Adding your SEO transcript to the description area of your video will also boost your rankings. This is a very important feature that you really should be taking advantage of.

Royalty Free Sound Effects
YouTube has a library of royalty free, high quality, sound effects and audio tracks that you can download and add to your videos. The video site makes it easy to add great music or sound effects to both your YouTube videos and other videos.


The YouTube – Google Trend Connection
You may already be using Google Trends to look up the popularity of certain search terms over time. Most online marketers do in order to make better keyword choices. What some don’t realize is that you can do the same with YouTube, determining the popularity of its search queries.

Create Clickable, Call to Action Video Links
YouTube makes it possible for your audience to not just watch your videos, but to engage with them as well. On YouTube, you can add annotations (YouTube’s name for clickable links) to your videos. Annotations act as call to action buttons that you can use to link visitors anywhere you want them to go, encouraging them to take action. It’s an easy way to entice people to engage and interact, taking them to an informational page about your company, a product squeeze page, etc.

Create Custom YouTube URLs
You can create an easy to remember custom URL, aka vanity URL, for your videos on YouTube. To create a link, however, you need to be on the site at least 30 days, have a minimum of 100 subscribers, have uploaded a channel icon photo and channel art.


Create Photo Slideshows

Have you ever wanted to create a slideshow for a special corporate event, team party, or even to showcase a new product without having to learn a cumbersome software program? Well YouTube makes it possible to create professional-looking photo slideshows and even set them to music. You’ll be able to upload as many photos (and videos) as you wish, and select from countless movie styles, effects and transitions, making it easy to create a professional-looking slideshow.

If you’re not already using YouTube for your business, it’s time to start. All of the YouTube tips listed above can help you succeed in your YouTube marketing campaigns. Also, be sure to build and maintain good tracking and analytic records which will help you make informed, data-driven decisions as you move forward.

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