You may have heard that YouTube marketing has become saturated and that it simply isn’t worth becoming a vlogger because there’s too much competition.

Nonsense. If you’ve got a great idea for a video channel and have the enthusiasm to go with it, there’s no reason not to get started. You don’t need to be a videographer or confident public speaker, either – just dive in!

You will, however, need to follow these tips for getting started, because, without them, you’ll be set up for failure.

Get prepared

Before you dive into creating your first video, take a look at the competition. How are they creating relatable video content? Why are they doing it? Where are they making mistakes you can capitalise on?

Write down everything you like and dislike about their channels and put that into the plan for your own.

Create the channel

It goes without saying that if you don’t have a YouTube channel, you’re not going to reach the audience you desire.

Thankfully, creating a channel is free and easy – just head here.

Get some gear

Before you go mad at this stage, remember that content is king. If all you have is your smartphone – go for it. If you’ve got a few pennies to spend and can justify the purchase of a better camera, go for it.

Don’t max out your budget on gear now – just get the essentials. A great video can be ruined by terrible sound, so if you’re going to spend on anything, I’d suggest a decent microphone.

Remember – you can add gear as your channel grows. That’s the beauty of this!

Plan out your first video

Although it’s tempting to jump straight into the creative process of actually filming your first vlog, you’ll quickly hit a stumbling block if you don’t plan it out.

With that in mind, take some time to plan your first video. Think of a working title, the central theme and then bullet points for the detail.

Before long, you’ll have a great outline for your first vlog. Test it by filming yourself talking through the points and watch back before refining and preparing yourself to deliver the final piece.

Edit your first video

Once you’re happy with your takes, it’s time to hit the editing suite.

This is where you’ll probably need to spend a bit of money on decent software, but depending on which operating system you’re using, you may have access to a free app already.

Windows, macOS and even mobile operating systems often include free video editors, so check them out. If you have to spend, go for basic versions of editing software first to ease yourself into the techniques required.

You won’t get your first edit right, but tweak it until you feel that the central theme is sufficiently conveyed and in an interesting way (remember – you need to tell your audience a story). Try and keep the edit down to a maximum of ten minutes, too – that’s often the sweet spot for a lot of first-time vloggers.

Wrapping up

I’ll reiterate – there is no such thing as a saturated video market. People love content and want to devour as much video as they can.

Use my tips above, and you’ll create a channel that will stand the best chance of success.

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