ytvHere are three quick & essential tips for getting more views and engagement on YouTube.

Tip 1: Optimize your Title

Include Keywords in your title

You essentially want to name your video exactly what people will be searching for in YouTube / Google. Sometimes you’ll only want to include some keywords because of the nature of your video, but this will dramatically increase your viewership.

Don’t “Keyword Stuff”

Matching popular search queries will be a plus, but keyword stuffing will decrease the value of ALL of the keywords, so try to be short and concise when including keywords. You probably won’t be able to include all the possible keywords, but make an educated guess as to what CORE keywords will increase chances of people finding your video.

Catchy names make a difference

Although keywords are important for getting your YouTube videos to show up in listings, it’s catchy names that will be the final bit of enticing you’ll need to get people to actually view your video. This is especially important when competing in an highly competitive space where there will be a lot of people with similarly titled videos.

Balance of Core Keywords, Not stuffing and Catchyness

It’s important to take all of the above into consideration and do your best. You won’t always get to the top, but you’ll notice a big uptick in views and interactions over time using these title tips.

Tip 2: Tags

Include Tags

This is another chance at including some keywords to leverage search queries in YouTube & Google. Similarly to a Blog post with Tags, Tags give your content an opportunity to show up for keywords not present in your Title or in a Blog’s case in the content itself.

Don’t include unrelated tags

Including unrelated tags, although may seem like a good strategy to attract a broader audience it can lead people to give your video a thumbs down. This hurts your content because will hurt relevancy for title and keyword terms you chose plus will not show up near the top of videos for people that filter their YouTube results by rating.

Tip 3: Include a good description

Focus on Keywords and Value

A description is not a place to keyword stuff, but it is recommend to include the core keywords somewhere in there. Filling in a solid description will even increase the chances of someone giving your video a thumbs up.

Promote other relevant Videos

This may also be a great place to include a link to another video if it is somewhat relevant, boosting that video’s relevancy even more. It’s essentially like giving the linked video a recommendation or a seal of approval, increasing the value of it.

In Conclusion

It is important to be thorough in filling in titles, tags and descriptions if you want your video to shine among a world millions of videos. In the end YouTube Optimization and good, relevant content will lead your videos to becoming highly rated, more shared and inevitably raise up all of your efforts over time.