How your brand’s video is found on YouTube is important to your audience and the bottom line. A well thought out and focused strategy will not only increase engagement in your marketing, but will also create a greater visibility even though recent algorithm changes have taken place.

If you have had a channel for a while then you may have noticed a decline in the number of views and subscribers. As the social network aims for a more personalized experience brands have an opportunity to use a select techniques to better reach their audiences.

How to Effectively Grow Your YouTube Channel

More and more brands are incorporating video marketing into their content mix for a variety of reasons, including increasing leads and growing their social media network, which ultimately leads to more sales. There are several methods that can be very effective when publishing your videos:

  • Branded channel name – If your channel has at least 100 subscribers and is a month old then your brand is able to create a custom URL, which should be consistent with your other social media accounts. It’s best to keep this as short, clear and concise as possible in order to be memorable.
  • Create specific playlists – Choose categories that will help viewers find your videos easier according to their specific search queries. When people find what they are looking for faster and this will encourage them to stay on your channel, subscribe and share your videos on social media. Include important promotional videos in the Feature section, which is prominently displayed on your channel.
  • Have a call to action with incentives – The goal is to make a sale, and the best way to go beyond what you are presenting is to lead your viewers into the next steps. This could include a free eBook, a continuing series, exclusive access, ect. Avoid using bribe tactics or coercion as this could mean turning away viewers and as well as violating YouTube’s rules, especially in the age of GDPR.
  • Make it clear what the viewer is watching – Check out search, and choose the right keywords in order to write headlines that will be found. YouTube provides suggestions to choose from, which is a great point of reference that can be used for free.

Video content is very effective in telling your brand’s story, and helps connect your audience in a more compelling way. With the right optimization, message, videos and focus you can attract followers and increase visibility.